I was walking in town just the other day and I noticed that not one or two, but most people would always take a one… two… stop at those mirrored buildings just to make sure that everything is in place. Haha! (Totally random question, but have you ever been in those buildings themselves?? Quite an awkward scene!) Anyway, what is my point you ask? It has come to my attention that people do not fully appreciate themselves. Even with the make-up, fancy clothes, killer perfume/ Dior, weaves/hair cuts/dye’s, watches/jewelry, swag, shoes to die for and the likes…

To prove my hypothesis, let me share…

Hurriedly, I walked to my destination, where I had to meet my mother who was in some unknown rush to God knows where…? On my way, I came across a lady who was quite plain and simple but she was just so mignnone! which in French means CUTE! (And P.S: I ain’t no homo) but, I just had to tell her because credit is given where it is due… yes…? Thank you:-D

So, I paced up with her, tapped her and said,

“Umm… Hi! I know people usually don’t do this but, I might just freak you out plus, I am not a lesbian but, I must admit that you are very pretty!”

She responded, “Really?” (With doubt written all over her face. In CAPS!)  “Ooh… Are… you sure? I never knew… You know, I normally get up, prepare myself and dash out of the house! I… Didn’t imagine…”

Then I said, “No one has ever told you that you have such a natural beauty?”

“Well, I just get looks of which I am not too sure about what they tend to mean”

“In short, you don’t fully believe that you’re pretty huh?”


“My dear, you need to believe it because, YOU ARE and once you do… then it begins to radiate outside and that is when people get to see your beauty! What happens is, once you begin trusting in yourself and knowing that you’re beautiful… then, you tend to make sure that you give yourself the best treatment there is! And trust me; people will be complementing you because you will be at the point where you are oozing with beauty. I think I should have been a pastor? Huh? But, just thought I would share… got to run… bye-bye!”

And it is not just one lady but majority of us, have to be reminded that they are HOT… I have no problem in initiating such, “you are BEAUTIFUL” campaigns /conversations, but we need to know it because… I have another story to share.

I had just come from valley road and was in a bus heading to ICA. When we reached Serena Hotel, a boy of about 14 years of age got in the bus… I thought that he was mad… so, I went on admiring the city as we moved down…. Only to discover that he had a disorder: Cerebral palsy. I surveyed him from the head to the feet. He could not co-ordinate his movement or even his mouth. He only let out tones that did not make sense. His fingers were not straightened, but rather folded up… I could not take the sight… I just burst into tears! In the bus! Wondering, my gosh! And I had an issue with my weight? My fingers, my not slender legs, my height and… this guy cannot even co-ordinate what he has…? Aaaii??!!! What was I thinking?? ;-(

Yes, he was asking for money to aid in his hospital bill so that he could get treatment… I couldn’t hold back my tears… surprisingly, only 5 people assisted him the rest avoided him as though they had better things to do with their money… *what-shame!*

Anyway, my point, we need to appreciate ourselves the way we are because there are people out there who wish they were like you… only that, they do not say it. Let your beauty ooze out of you because in this world there is someone for everyone MY DEARS:-*



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