Majority of the poems I wrote, were all no… infact all the poems I wrote, had an emotional mood atached to it. So I came across this one today no. 22 on my book njoy! Ooohh.. and before I forget, Presenting… the answer to the mollion dollar question: this is the poem behind my facebook name Flingli Shang’zabi which really did come to me naturally like, I said, my emotional bit, is like super special 🙂
yeah…!! here goes..

I am who I am right?

but, I who I  am is rather.. a white-

plain me who is not really who I am

but if I be who I was supposed to become

I don’t understand why this thingy


doesn’t want me to be the me I am supposed to be

It stings! I want to be me

to be free!! Flinglishablishang’zabi!

I am SORRY I wasn’t me enough

I really wish that I was tough

to an extent of being able to provide

a wide

variety of what he… God, wants.

To be honest puffing and panting

is all I do

and a whole load of jigaloo

I wish, I was, at a point I wonder…

Goodness! beyond thunder

was that me?

how can thou do-est such a thing?

I fling?

hungin’ ?

on the edge… for life about to..


putting on a smile

that is (they say), worthwhile?

and I say, “waow! really?”

but deep down I know its all faulty.

Unique? Unique you say?

I just sit down and ponder asking myself, ” what is the right way? “

I gaze…

with my mouth wide open in a faze

praying to God and asking him

is that so?

and further-more

can I go to the moon?

far away from here soon?

I wish that life was a wonderful, easy feeling

but.. it really isnt

you toil, wake up early, chase your dreams.. and in return

after that long run

it will still be looking at you. Day and night comes and goes without fail

so, even though  you wail about the life

Jesus is the answer

and you need to accept that nothing comes easy


but, keep you head up and take your time to take in one day at a time

because your valuable and you far much worthy than any dime

so gerrup!!Solving a problem

and those who really dont add value in your life just shurrup!!

them off

move on


not having to prove them wrong

but just……

  showing them what your made of


whatever!! 😀

just make sure you kick some good bottom while at it 😉

as for me, I ‘ll do it my way…

the NINJA way 🙂

haha! yes, I did add the last phrase just felt like it was appropriate if you know whar-I mean 😀


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