Dear men,(well, and women)
Salutations! I do hope that all is well. Any way, you know sometimes when we fall head over heels with you guys… we at some point get quite curious and intrigued to know more about you; by the help of our reliable sources. You would be surprised by how much information we get to know. However, sometimes the things we dig out end up being quite detrimental to our feelings… so, this is what goes on in the mind of a woman (me) who finds out that her dream guy is a hapa kule kinder guy.

Trash, trash, trash
Man! I just want to crash… Crash… Crash!
Mush up, pluck up and hang up!
Kick, pull and pluck out!
This can’t be… how?
… I just want to give him a hefty blow
To explode even!
What! Gosh! Heathen?
Yes! My stand will still stand
Higher than any stand!
Wah- Wah- Wah- Wah- Wah!
I really even am at some point want to talk trash
Or better yet have an episode; worse…
What can be worse?!
That species!!
Goodness! Why do you end up being…? ;-(
Ooooh! Sweet bliss…
God given to us I believe
Men might lie
And feel that they are high
Above the sky
Looking at us down below
While we feel hollow
Well, but the Lord shall not deceive
He is the only faithful being
He keeps our lives on a ride. The swing!
Swinging on and on (all day long)
Back and forward
But now it’s me, (third person singular) my (third person singular) life and my (third person singular) standard,
Which is: taking things asteaste as they come
No hurry
With no worry (whatsoever)
For we (ladies) are our own queens
Of which, you would mistake us for a teen. I pick seventeen (for example) 😀
And we are going to rock this routine
No matter what the circumstance
This circle of stance

But, you know what? Apparently all this things that we go through in this world is just simply a reflection of how we are living in virtual insanity of reality. Realisation check!


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