And the million dollar question ran through the back of my mind. “Could you be the one??”
Haha! I kid! Catchy phrase though right? Right? Yeah I know… I love you too 😉
Anyway, so I have a secret to share and promise me that you will not laugh and that you will accept me just as I am. Well, here goes…!
Just the other day I was telling my brother how I think I was secretly meant to marry an Asian guy… (Yup! There it is… I have said it) what?! No, like I am serious! Just here me out okay,

As I stumbled and gaze upon the world of You Tube, I came across this guy (whose name I shall not mention because well, I was going to vent true! But, I do not want to be judged any further than you already have… yeah.. I can see it in your eyes) who makes videos in the comfort of his house almost like video blogs also known as ‘Vlogs.’ He pretty much talks about everything that interests him and the world too. They are simply hilarious, interesting and always have a way of keeping me glued to the screen thinking as though I am part of their world.
His videos may be a one man show but he also makes videos with his pals who also happened to have You Tube channels as well and I must say… They won me over! Well, majority just not all of them 😀
In their You Tube channels talk about all kinds of things like: their parents, life experiences, whats trolling on the net and in the world, covers of songs, dance covers and so much more. One of my best subscribed Asian channel is a group of guys who have a production company that produces some amazing self written stories. Every time they have a production up I am literary blown away to the fact that the pre production all the way to the post of it certainly a job well done! I am always left utterly awed every single time! It could also be that its in line with my career and thus explaining why I am so entertained by the stories they tell. Yup!
Haha! And they are girls as well… just for the record and they too are doing an awesome job! Like Ray William Johnson’s girl friend she says thing as they are. Blunt (yeah… just like her boyfriend :D) if I might add with a dash of humor. She’s cool people 
The reason why I find comfort in these Asian channels (well, don’t get me wrong, I have subscribed to other channels just that I watch my Asian channels more… and I am not racist by the way. Just a matter of preference) is because of late my days have been all over the place from day after day to weekend to early mornings and late evening’s sooo yes! There’s kinder a lot of stuff going on I must say but, Jesus is my friend people, I tell you he is good to me. Plus, I never have time to journal the experiences that are worth writing. So, these channels take me into a world that is at times important to me so that I can clear my head from all the pressure from my surroundings. And finally, let’s not forget my blog  always making me smile when people read, share, like comment, you have no idea how that make me feel. Like SUPER HUMBLED AND GRATEFUL for ALL OF YOU CUTE PEOPLE . I can journal out and share my life’s experiences with an audience… totally heartwarming. THANK YOU!
Oh… Oh… and before I forget, by the way like I mentioned earlier do not be surprised if you do get a wedding invitation saying:
Tharisit & Philip Wang’s
hehe… you never know 😀


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