The Chase

[waring, the following content is based on a true life story… and may contain soap opera tendancies. It may not be word for word.. but, the story is real! hehe viewer/ readers enjoy 🙂 ]

One Saturday morning in the year 2000, mother woke me up at around 9am to hurry up, take a shower, eat breakfast and go to the salon to get my hair fixed in preparation to head back to school the following week. In short, the whole ‘Da-brat’ look I bore for the holiday had to go.

Now blow dry has never been the most exciting part of the salon for me but, sitting in a steamer is just the ‘iiish..!!’ yup… yup… whoopsy! as I digress 😀

So, it took me about two hours in the salon and right after that, my head felt so good that I decided to let my hair down so that all the kids outside would marvel at the sight of my long, dark hair (war! talk of ego hehe…).

As I stepped out of the salon, walking towards the gate of our house….. I came across a group of boys cycling around the parking of our neighbourhood and, you will not believe what happened to me as I minded my own business.

No sooner had I reached for the bell than this guy (about my age or slightely older) pulled over his bicycle to take a glance of me with my hair, face, dress all the way to my feet. I am not too sure what happened to me on my end but, I am pretty sure he was mistaken or I  looked like someone he knew.. but, heh! there is more…

He came out of his bike and grabbed my hand and begin to sing,

” See the thing about you that caught my eye
is the same thing that makes me change my mind
kinda hard to explain but girl i’ll try
you need to sit down this may take a while
see this girl she sorta looks just like you
she even smiles just the way you do, …


like, I kid you not! and you will not believe what I did.. I ran! like a little whoos… not too sure what was happening, and he? He took his bike got onto it and rode my way this time singing,

“Cos, you remind me of a girl
that I once knew
see her face whenever I , I look at you
couldnt believe all of the things she put me through
this is why i just cant get with you”

and he even stopped riding his bike just to pose hold his chest and sing the chorus even louder… I must say, at some point I was kidogo flattered but at the same time just puzzeled with the fact that as I posed to take a look at him, he kept on holding my hand and putting it on his chest (yar…!) and I didn’t have words but, had those, “What-the-heavens????” look.

This whole scene took place in an hour or so to lunch because his younger brother came to tell him that their mum called him for lunch. I must say, I was sad.. but, ladies and gents he blew a flying kiss and said, “I shall be back for you my princess! I shall return…” and cycled away.

I walked back to our court all dazzled by the happening that occured. I was in utter disbelief as I rung the bell, mum came and opened the gate and asked,

“heh! mama Kiki alikuwa na customers wengi leo?”

“eee eee..”

“ayaa, ingia ukule lunch”

little did she know what her daughter encountered… ‘the chase’ hehe but, I must say, stories like these are worth sharing to you guys because until today, they are quite fresh in my memory 😀 and they  always have a way of making me smile 🙂 🙂


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