If you have been a follower of my blog, I bet you know how I am going to start now don’t you? Ooh, and I don’t think I have expressed my uttermost gratitude for sticking with me thus far. This also includes the new folk… Karibu! 🙂 and thank you all! My heart and my whole body is warmed by this. Like you have no idea how thinking about you guys has kept me from even getting that cold that has your nose running a freaking marathon. Phew! Haha yup, but seriously, I am grateful 🙂
Cockroaches are such, I don’t know… well, are just such… ummm how am I going to say this without having to be rude…… “YUCKY! Insects” aaai?!? I am not quite sure what was going through God’s mind when he was making them…(he is God!) but, heh! they way they look is just reason enough for me to get so scared that I could, I don’t know, mount myself on the ceiling for all I care. Waaar! Eti and then they want to fly for me over here Ghaaaaaathoo!! #mylifeatthatmomentisover
Anyway¸ back to the topic,

Umm, I shared this on my facebook status but, allow me to break it down for you how the event unraveled that day as they were:
When I am going to school on a daily basis I connect twice. From Ngong’ road to Karen and from Karen I get to school.
So, on this one fateful day I was going to sort out some complications they had made on my transcript and later on hang out with my bestie… woohoo!
I get into the first jave. I was pretty excited because the mat was not ‘boom boom chaing’ my ear to a whole new other level where it goes all… “nttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-“ for a couple of minutes before it completely adjusts if you know whar-I-mean. So, Ihave the perfect opportunity get to read my book all the way to Karen. Yiiiippeee! moments later, I alighted to connect to school and the fact that the book I was reading was quite deep, I had a dazed but rather quite happy look on my face simply beacuse every moment of the book was amazing. I walked towards a group of the matatu staff, seeking to find out which of them was going my way and before I could utter a word one them started huko greeting me from quite a distance. “aaaey!! Mtu wangu… siku mingi joh! (I was on a long holiday) heh umelost lakini… gotea” and I with my Barbie self responded, “aaah.. Zi! Mimi niko tu lakini leo nimesema lazima niwatembelee” ooh plus he was with his other fellow colleagues. So, as I tried to gotea my fellow conductor friend the dereva next to him who issss eeeh quite a dodgy but in the same time quite a szomedhing! No like I am not being hyperbole nor trying to cover up for what he did [which will come up later on in this paragraph]. Like I kid you not this dereva confused a better part of the girls in Karen; most of them would either want to sit next to him or just flirt with him unashamed; proud!… weeh! As I digress
Let us just say yes, I did notice this fact and had my moment of, ” oooh-eeem-gee mmm.. sawa boss!” but never was the kind to go all gugu gaga on him for him to notice. But another thing I noticed was that he had tried to get me to notice him quite a number of times but can sambarray say “naïve!” [wasss me] :p was me the whole time until this very day.
My friend, my hand was grabbed by this dereva and whaaam! He lay a wet kiss right there on the back of my hand… and it lasted a good 30seconds…….- yaaar! and crowns the event with a wink. Like I you know how reflex would get you hitting him back? Well I didn’t… shux! Instead I was trying to internalize the turn of events in my head which was like, “sorry? Wait a minuite… what just happened?? No… no…noooo… eeew… eeew… eeeww…” trying so hard not to spill my inner expression outward I hear another conductor shouting the name of my school from a matatu that was about to leave. I got in, it took off, I took out my wet wipes to wipe off the remaining saliva that probably almost made its way into my bloodstream or something…… O.opoker face


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