Food For Thought

Allow me to first and foremost apologize for posting on my blog really late, but I promise… that very soon nyuuuuumy experiences shall be posted 
So, allow me to dig right into this short analogy:
But first,
WHAAAAAAARRRRR!!!! Let me just tell you that the devil is such a LIAR!! Have you been in a situation whereby you want to go out of your way, out of the norm, to do something extra ordinary? And all of a sudden you have a war going on in your head? Reminding you about how you are a good for nothing, you cannot make it, what on earth are you doing? It’s just a waste of time, remember how it did not work the first time, the rest are better than you so, no need to try… and I am like what the shmeurr?? All that negative vibe are pure LIES!

I believe that the time has come for all of us to ignore this voices by speaking life, being positive and telling yourself that there is a greater force to all this shenanigans dans le tete (in the head), [God]. Through, positive thinking, believing in yourself and knowing that we are all destined for greatness!
The doubt in your head is as a result of fear that holds you back from becoming a great person in society. That is why the devil floods your head with negativity, self consciousness and doubt because he knows that your future is bright and the Lord declared it.
Therefore the next time you want to do something and fear and doubt visit you, overcome it and go right ahead and do it because something great is going to happen. Trust me 😉
Alright, with that having been said, now its analogy time…
This week I stumbled upon this amazing looking chewing gum. So, because I had some few coins remaining in my purse, I purchased the packet of gum with excitement to get to taste it.
As I walked out of the supermarket and into a matatu the minuite I sat down, I dug into the shopping bag and took out the chewing gum. I unwrapped and put one piece in my mouth. Let me tell you, it was sooooo good on my palates that I could almost swear there were fireworks in my mouth hehe… no like seriously! But, a few minutes later, the awesomeness of the gum before was not the same. It was so disappointing because it got quite distasteful afterwards… deng! #what-tha?? #wharisthis?? #but-I-thought?
Think about it for a minute… are we like this chewing gum in the beginning towards various spheres of our lives and moments later you are not the same at the end as you were in the beginning?
Food for thought.


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