A la toilet

For the following messages names shall not be mentioned for discreet purposes. I do apologise for bursting your bubbles, but do enjoy, and pre pare to visualise the story as it unravels.

 My short story is as follows:
About a month ago I had just come from a concert that ended at around 8pm. So after the meet and greet, my friend offered to drop my friend and I and also a couple of his friends as well. Before he dropped my pal and I home finally, we stopped off at Nakumatt Presitge Plaza. When we arrived my “big brother” wanted to order some food for us but, I had my mind set on another pressing agenda which was a la toilet. (hahaha get it.. pressing 😀 I know right! French just has its way of making everything sound right)

and so we told him that we shall be back in just a few. My friend being a girl escorted me to the wash room (that is just how we are men… I can’t even describe what makes us do this, but maybe it could be to compare notes or something hehehe I don’t know okay… we just like the company.)
As I helped myself my pal picked up a conversation with a random girl about how cold it is and she advised my friend to consider wrapping herself with the scarf she had blah… blah… blah… (Small talk)
When I came out, washed my hands and dried them, I joined in and being the kind of person that I am I told this other girl that she had such lovely hair whether it was a weave or not. She went on to reply, “hehe well, I get that a lot actually. (Smiling as she puffs it up) it’s all natural (I gasped!)it’s mainly because I am half kikuyu and half Eritrean.” She went on to say how she needed to get it done because the setting she had began to lose shape. (Still patting it)

 “So do you guys still think it looks okay?”

 “Sure… but only for a couple of days”

My friend goes on to tell her that she looked very nice. (it did seem as though she was going or had come from somewhere)Oh and by the way at this very moment we had finished what had brought us to a la toilet but we still stayed put as we watched this girl admiring herself and straightening up her coat. All through this time, I could not shake the feeling that there was something more she wanted to share… up until this date.

Her final question to us was how she could not find another coat that would have gone with what she was wearing so she wanted us to affirm her if it did go with what she was wearing and I said, “It does… You can never go wrong with black attire. So you are safe” she replied, “thank you so much ladies. It was a pleasure meeting you totally randomly.” And all through she was quite hesitant and withdrawn in some way.

As we walked out I kid you not, she seemed so confused… like I said earlier: like she wanted someone to talk to but we probably did not give her enough time to do so. Because, the strangest thing happened… as we were walking towards one direction she seemed to have been following us/ she was rather  but got so carried away by her thoughts, checked back into reality and changed the course she was to use.
I wish I could have said something like, “ooh you’re meeting someone in the food court too?” or even just, “are you okay” honestly because I just could not shake off that fact that there was more than what met the eye.
Is there a lesson? Well, not really but all I want to say is that the next time you are in a similar situation, be more patient, if you have time you never know… maybe there is a reason as to why you are directed to  a la toilet scenarios just to listen to someone at that particular time who is going through God knows what.
Kind of like a duck, it might look all cool, calm and collected on top of the water all breezy but deep down inside the water, are its feet that are quickly constantly paddling to keep it afloat and moving forward but we tend not to pay attention to what seems to go on rather than looking into what really is going on.


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