Ever Wondered why?

About a couple of months ago when my brother and I had come from the airport quite early in the morning, on our way back home, he tried to switch on to lanes that “seemed” to be moving only to witness the lane that he was in before, moved more than the lane that we had got in. So, he said this is all Murphy’s law taking to effect… and I’m like what the Shmeurr?? and he later broke it down for me, did my research and voila! I have me a post! teeheeheehee…. Be prepared to get schooled ladies and gents. traffic

I always used to wonder, (well, still do):

Why is it when your waiting for a specific number of a ‘matatu’/ bus you never get it? and when you do it takes forever but then, when you don’t need it and your waiting for another one to come for a totally different root the ones you initially wait for are all there touting for guys..??

Or how about when you think that changing onto another lane that seems to be moving on the high way and when you do the lane that you left is the one that moves..??

Or when you were in high school there was this incredible wave of sleep that came from absolutely no where and when it was time to sleep you stay up all night chatting..??

Or when one usually carries their umbrellas on a regular basis, until that one day you leave it in the house because its too much to carry… it rains! on that particular day..??

Your phone decides to ring when you are interview..??

The day you decide to wear white, that’s the day you pour soup/juice/food on yourself..??

When your PC crushes on that one day you are meant to be handing in your assignment..??

All in all what I am trying to say is, if there are two or more ways to do something, and one of those ways can result in a catastrophe, then someone will do it and this my friends is called, Murphy’s Law

Well, there is no form of power that rotates to form this particular law however, (by the end of this blog) [that is, for those who did not know about this and now you will know 😉 for those who knew about it, ] we might/ tend to give this law relevance. When life goes well, we tend to not pay attention to it as much compared to when things go wrong. As a human we expect that things should work out for our favour but when things go wrong we look for reasons as to why it happened.

The law looks at how we dwell on the negatives things and over look the positives. It thus uses the rules of probability where its a mathematical likeness that something will occur, to support itself.

So the next time it happens to you remember that it is just a mere chance of probability and coincidence.

That’s all I have folks..

Urban Dictionary :Murphy’s Law
HowStuffWorks “How Murphy’s Law works”


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