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Waiting for the Confetti to Fall

Its been a while right? Well, months… I know I know I’m sorry. Just to sum it all up, transitioning and a lot of reflection. Yeah.. Deep stuff. anyways, moving along 🙂
Can I just share for a minute how I have had dreams where I was flying 😀  I know! The peculiar thing about this dream, is I have had it from time to time now.  So if you are a dream guru or you want to tell me nice things about it, hit me up. But I must say they were such blissful and the most relaxing kind.

As I mentioned earlier, I have had one of those transitions where I began to question my passion, my purpose, my strengths, weaknesses and the likes. In this pursuit one may get caught up and focus on how much we would like our names everywhere and on everyone’s lips, fame, flashy lights (the finer things in life really). That those things will gauge on not only how successful you are but also how happy you will be; only to forget to live in the moment, cherish and embrace the good, not paying attention to the negatives.
With that being said, I have just the song! First, let us acknowledge how this lady I am about to share has an amazing voice! Huh… When I grow up… What?? :p
Do enjoy it and pay close attention to the words as her voice also soothes you too.



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