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The Deed

The bus seen is an example of ‘a bus’ and not a bus that represents the company as talked about.

How did I discover that I have a problem guys O_o Well, I know that to you guys it may not be a Hu-Ha scenario but the struggle, on my end is real! Hi my name is Muthoni and I am, indecisive. Indecisive people are said to be pretty, short, smart, have the ability to sing and great people to hang around with. Hahaha LIES! well, I kid 😀 This is where every time I am faced with a decision to make under some kind of pressure… I freak out! Its like my brain farts a little…(description courtesy of my pal.. yeah… Makes you question my friends huh.. 😀 )

Who knows?? I am not able to give an exact definition to what really goes on… but alas! These guys, did such a good job by coming up with a video that helps describe what happens. So please, help a brother and a sister out.. during this difficult time.. for together, we are able to go #BeyondZero. (Yup, very original slogan right there :p ) Hanayways, For the past couple of months it has been quite hat! (hot) Like, by the time its 7:30am the sun is out there like, “Aey yoh shawty! wassuuuup!!” I cannot even deal with it by the ways. If asked, I prefer rain to sun any day. So about a month ago, after pulling out the ‘hard to get card’ the rain finally showed! And boy was I happy. Like I did not even eti cover my hair. I was soaked and not even apologetic about it 😀 . As we (members of a resident) journeyed through the rain and the jam (that in some way shows up when there is rain. Its like an allergic reaction.. Come to think about it. Hmm) moments later, as the rain continued to pour heavily, parts of the bus began to leak. The woman that was seated there was doing everything she could do up until the point she could do no more. So, she did what really could be done. She woke up and went to stand near the conductor. A couple of men heckled how the bus company needs to do something, how they do not get their vehicles checked well enough… yada.. yada.. yada.. until.., a man stood and asked the lady to sit where he had sat and took her position where she was standing. After that deed was done, a telepathic moment happened. Women, about 6 of them clapped for the man at the same time. One of them said, “You sir, are a gentleman.” Another lady also said,”And these other men are just talking and not doing anything…” Which got a couple of guys to chuckle. The same thing happened to another woman and this time, a man got up for her to sit and the same women that clapped before, clapped for this new man. Later I noticed that some women could not stop throwing glances at those two guys and other women while they were alighting, in some way gave them the,’well done’ or you are now ‘twice more attractive than all the other men in here. ‘ Well, at least that is what the lady in front of me told her friend. I guess all the hustle and bustle of this life particularly from the scramble and partition of ‘matatu well fare’ blinds us from remembering the joy of giving and the joy of receiving. Haha also, all I am saying is people clap for you now… thas all I am saying 😀 Have a wonderful time in the world flowers! 🙂



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