Aaaaaaah S@#$% !!

So the other day, I saw a guy fish his nose with such passion. Guys, I don’t make this stuff up! He fished his nose up until the point he closed his eyes… He-closed-his-eyes. He sure did have his eyes on the price now didn’t he? 😀
Back in high school I hated a particular subject…(It was not Kiswahili nor Math. Those two had their own category) Well, not really the subject but the teacher at that time made me LOATHE the subject (Sorry subject no hard feelings) but waaaah!! Like, I really couldn’t tell if it was because of his nose? the way he spoke…? His mouth? His nails? His suits? Wait.., or it could have just been bad blood. Yes, that is what it was folks.
So, after performing my prefect duties required in the morning, I walked to class and one member in my class shouts,

Friend: “Wamai, umeskia hiyo storo?” (Wamai, have you heard?)
Me: ” Story gani hiyo?” (heard about what?)
Friend: “Tuko na CAT” (we have a CAT)

Before I even go further with this dialogue, I have never been fond of cursing even when I attempted to as a child,
I was greeted with unexpected hot slaps and since then, I don’t. Also, because I do not believe in doing so thus never been easy to get those words out my mouth and all my friends know it. Inclusive of my class mates then.
The CAT talked about, was made clear to us that is was next week. (So, my psychology registered it for next week) but, Lo! and behold it was moved to that particular day. Jive!
The class went pin drop silent in anticipation of my answer knowing quite well that I didn’t fancy the subject as well,
I said….

Covering mouthMe: Aaaaah…. Sssssssssssssshhhhhhhh-ugar!!

Class: busted out with laughter at my reaction

Story, Courtesy of IvyB my amazing bff! :*
Thank you for reminding me of this. Such a clown 😀

Have a lovely day in the world flowers! 🙂


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