32 more Random facts

It seems as though these random facts are intriguing you people.. hmm
Ama (or) you guys just wanna know more about your girl.. it’s Alright 🙂
So here are some more.


19. Everytime when I am on social media and I see the like has exceeded up to a number that ends with ‘9’ I will quickly go ahead and like or double tap it just to round it off.
Honestly I feel like a champ afterwards😎.

20. I prefer ice cream to chocolates or sweets🍧.

21. I may just know all the old school kapuka songs word for word and the artist that sang which song..
What? 🙈🙊

22. When I was younger I had an imaginary car that made long distances seem shorter in my head.
Am riding on my…🚗

23. Any chore that I proceed to do, I always make sure that I have some music playing in the back ground. 🔊🎶
I generally just like listening to the radio:).. I’m shady I know😄
Well, but if there is someone with me while I cook/clean.. I give them my undivided attention😁

24. Did I mention that I HATE COCKROACHES?
What!! Why!??😬

25. Pet peeve, why would you collect all your mucus and proceed to spit on the road? Why? 💦
Fan fact, there was a day I was completely grossed out by a stranger who did this and I said, “Aaaah maaan!”
He turned back met my disgusted face and walked away in such shame.
You see, y’all know it’s wrong😒. So just don’t do et. Thanks👍

26. I can’t watch a thriller, horror movie or anything bloody👽. Even just to save myself.
Hahaha.. no matter how much we learnt about it in school even after the tricks I have checked out online…  I can’t.. I just can’t okay😰

27. So, yes I am a romantic. 💑

28. One day, I will go to Paris. It’s my dream destination. 🙏

29. I began to sing from when I was in class 2 up until now.
Hoping to sing professionally one day. So yeah.. I am definitely working towards it and that my efforts will meet opportunity🙏.

30. I love to dance💃.
And would like to learn lingala though.. Someone? Anyone?

31.  In another life I would have been a lawyer/advocate📜 or an artist🎨.
Thus, envy this people. Like, the good kinder hate😋.
Fan fact, majority of the people close to me are lawyers. Yeah… Imagine that.😌 Hehehe

32. Growing up, I wasn’t able to pick a favourite colour because I used to think the other colours would feel bad🌈.
But now, I appreciate all earth colours.

33. Once in a while I enjoy talking to strangers.🙋

34. I have been told that I am good listener.👂

35. Whenever something happens that is a ‘beyond words’ kind of situation, I get goosepimples all over my body.👀
Mostly while singing and the keys merge well or in a play where a character takes us on a journey and I feel as though I am literally there with them…. Heh!
What ever! Judge me all you want by the way😛

36. I cannot stand pretenders, people who seem not to know what they want, inconsiderate people, proud people and snobbish people.✌
Also, people who greet/ hug people like I have a disease of some kind. Let us just gotta if that’s the case👊.

37. I tend to be talkative with people I am used to and quiet in crowds or when I am not sure how to interact with the people I am with at that particular time🙊.

38. People who make me laugh 😆 have a special place in my heart❤.

39. I am all for authentic relationships💪💛.

40. When I am stressed, I sleep😴.
I feel like that moment/time will pass because I wake up to a different time literally🕜-🕓.

41. I love to swim🏊.

42. I have fish brain🐟.
Therefore may need to write stuff down to help me remember📝.

43. I am quite indecisive🙇.
In fact, if I am told to choose something, I wouldn’t know what to pick. Unless you pick for me… That will work because I will take forever to pick🙆. Sorry..

44. In high school I nick named my classmate ‘kanyau‘ (cat) 🐱 because she loves cats. And since then everyone proceeded to call her so and the name stuck.
Oh, I love cats too!😻 (Just don’t call me kanyau the name is taken 😄)
And sure, I would love to have one as well but my heart would break if it died 😭. I have serious attachment issues…

45. I am neither a fan of violence nor a fan of arguments😧.
Like, I will argue for a while and then end up let you win.. even when I know I am right😶.
I just believe the world will show us in one way or another that one of us was right☑.

46. I am not a fan of hot hot food or drinks(I.e tea) for that matter 🍲 ☕
I am not able to enjoy it in that state.
Same goes for weather. I am not a fan of the hot weather for sweating😥. I appreciate cool and rain weather ☁☔.

47. I am all about that bass😜.
Haha when you see me, just ask me whar-I-mean.

48. I enjoy long walks🚶
With the right company👭,👫 or with some good music🎧

49. Road trips to me is yes, about the company, scenary🌅 but also singing along to songs being played in the car🎵🚙.
(That is my favourite part of the trip. Hehe)
Fan fact, I used to start songs to sing along to🎼 during school trips in the bus🚌. Side bar, even while we did our laundry in high school. I was that girl that started songs to sing a long too. “1…2…3…”

50. I tend to over analyse situations. But when they get a bit too much I drop them like a hot poraro (potato)
Ain no borry gat time 😎✌.

51. I would have been vegetarian… But then there was sausage and bacon. *slurp!
Also I don’t get sea food??
And I appreciate well cooked chicken🍗.
I am just generally picky about the meat I eat🍖🍢.

Thas abourit… For now✋.

Have a wonderful time in the world flowers 🙂


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