Taking Stock une (1)

Hello there flowers,
It about that time… tenenenenen!!!
lol, I kid.
But in all seriousness, in the past couple of days (well, and about a year ago) I have seen that some of my favourite bloggers, ThisisEssWhispery Wind and Kaluhi’s Kitchen , use a template that enables one to take stock of where they are at. Also I generally like the concept as well. Being a new month and all 🙌


Right, lets get to it,

Making: The other half of my calender.
Yes, I make my own calender 🙂 and this includes: cutting, ruling, using different colour pens and markers and filing in the important things that I am to do with in that month and hang it up my wall 😀

Cooking: (Preparing) Some good ol’ ginger lemon and honey black tea.
Does this count? Hehe

Reading: “Wishing what I knew when I was 20″ by Tina Seelig.
Given to me by my brother. Still yet to finish and give it back to the owner. 👌👍

Drinking:  The tea that I had prepared and plenty of water as well.
Which is a habit that I am glad to embrace. Water never tasted so good like now 🙂

Smelling: The smell of water on concrete. I love et!
Also I just stood right outside our neighbours house as they proceeded to wash their compound. Just sniffing and getting high on that watered concrete. lol! 😁

Wearing: Dresses and tights lately. So comfortable maan! 🙄
Hey jeans/pants, no offence though. ✌

Wanting: To save and to spend all the money💰 I get wisely,
To sing🎶;,
To perform and
To travel✈

Thinking:  A lot lately. Quite a bit actually.
Good thoughts I promise. 😉

Wasting: No time with regards to writing down lessons,ideas, goals, dreams, plans, how-to’s, and journalling all my experiences.
And that is where thinking has left me ladies and gentlemen. 🙂

and admiring Lizzza on vine.
This girl has made me fan girl her. She is original, hilarious and so relatable. Like when I came across her vines, I looked for her twitter and instagram handles as well. Yuup… hapo ndipo amenifikicha. I officially have a new girl crash.
Next, is this doll I had mentioned earlier, Kaluhi’s Kitchen. She is a true definition of passion and going with your gut kinder girl. I did the same with her handles as well. (and no, I am not creepy. I am just very supportive okay 😁 ). If you are interested in picking up new recipe’s and being able to cook stuff that is fun and easy, her blog is the answer 🙂

Playing: KOA- All of my love
I have been on an a house, experimental, electric music vibe lately.

Admiring: These girls linked below 👇
1. Latoya Foreva on YouTube
Just who she is and her littu family.
Her friends have drama though👀
2. Lilly Singh AKA iiSuperwomanii on YouTube
She works her booty off! and hell-a smart, witty and inspirational.
3. Lizzza from Vine,
This girl!
I love her!
Dear God, can she be my sister?😁
4. Shirley B. Eniang a Fashion Blogger/Stylist.
Her taste in fashion is exquisite! and definitely see myself wearing most of her picks.👌👌

Liking: My dreads! I am so happy about the decision I made to go afi dread.

Wondering: Why its so hard for people to give up their seat for a lady/a man carrying a baby or luggage. Instead of them having to go all the way to the back. 😑
I know I give my seat when I can.
Usually when this act of service is administered to these people, my heart is filled with so much warmth and I am confirmed more than ever, that there are good people out there 🙂
But hey! courtesy is not common to everyone now is it… 😐

Hoping: To adopt the, “its never that serious attitude…” particularly on those never too serious moments.
I tend to take stuff to heart.

Marvelling: At how babies find joy in everything. The little things.

Needing: Hmm, nothing really that I can think of so far.🙏
But when I do be sure I will let you know.

Learning: How to play drums.😎
Shout outs! to my tutor!

Wishing: Upon the stars and that someone would be kind to surprise me with a pizza.😋🍕

Enjoying: The weather. Its not too hot. Its just right.
Oooh yeah… My dreads as well 🙂

Giggling: Lizzza’s vines.
I am sorry guys. I did tell you that I am fan-girling. 😂😂

Bookmarking: BF- 19 charts that will help you become an adult

Marveling: at Cat’s and flowers.
How beautiful these creations are.

Opening: My journal.📔
Got some writing to do.

Happy New Month flowers 🌸 🙂
Bonne chance and au revoir✋


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