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Hi guys✋,
In the past couple of months, I have been challenged… (by a couple of people who are close to me)Up until the point I feel as though I have grown an inch taller 😀
Well, a girl can dream okay… 😝
Hoping to share them in the next taking stock deux(2).
Onto other matters,
Recently I have been obsessed with the ‘Pinterest’ app and while I was pinning, I came across an image that had pointers in an area I very much stand for.
‘The Art of Being Considerate.’

Let us first define the term.


Now that we have that there…
I will share the image that I think explains the word further:


A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. We all have to start somewhere.
Also, yeah… yeah… I know this act does not automatically come easy for a few of you.. Well, most of us. How about trying to picture/imagine ‘what if it was me in that particular situation? What would I like someone to do for me?’
What I am trying to say, in order to live with people, one needs to be able to accommodate, think about the other person. Wouldn’t you want someone to think like that about you? /treat you like that? Aaand, if they do not reciprocate, trust me a good deed never goes unnoticed.
So, Yeah…
Be considerate👍👌

Have a wonderful day in the world flowers! 🌼 🙂

Contents on this blog are from:
1. Consideration image:
2. Definition: The English offline Dictionary
3. Main Image: Pinterest,



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