Lessons I learnt from the coast

Hello there flowers✋
Long time huh? Sorry for not catching up with you all. But am here now 🙂
As the topic suggest, I did spend a number of days at the coast🙌. It was a sudden trip but it was worth it..👍
During my stay I got to learn a thing or two and thought it would be a great post to share.

1. When the Ocean🌊 is gloomy it gets cloudy and it rains. Sometimes it even takes the lives of people when completely upset.
This time, it rained and it was cloudy.
Oooh ocean.. Sorry for the bad mood❤. I hope you get happy soon.
Speaking of ocean just a side note, the littering that is around the Ocean works me up!!! Waaaa…. Like, can people just learn to put litter where it’s meant to be? (Eeh… It’s supposed to be put in the dustbin. Just in case you forgot) Tho!😒. Guys even take it a step further to pee on the plantation near the Ocean… Aki😐
I Ron know… I just don’t know…
Anyway, back to the lessons…

2. The coast people say that when someone graces their house and eats their food, it’s a sign of bringing blessings to the home.🍲
Trust me even if you are stuffed just eat even two spoons… (Okay maybe half a plate) they will be so grateful.

3. Do not upset your Swahili neighbour.
If you do, expect all those keys that you don’t use on your keyboard to literally be used on ya face!✌ %#?%&$£>^¥§¥<§(👈those ones).

4. People here leave their car keys in the car, get out of the car and carry on with their endeavours… Yaa
Theft here is a rare thing to happen because they believe that mtu atarogwa (someone can get a curse)from taking something that doesn’t belong to them.

5. I hear cats here could be a female or a male😱
So creepy…😬
Being a cat person, I would occasionally admire the cats around, meow at them and then  later ask it, “are you a man or a woman?” You gorra know… You just gorra know…😦

6. People take food here very seriously.
This is what I mean:
– one is served in such generous helpings.
The likes of Barka and Tarboush restaurant. Let’s just say, those are my peeps✊. Also, no need to eat supper after a hefty lunch like that. Trust me.
-People eat outside.
Hiyo joto(the heat) is real!
-Lastly, you will find almost anything to eat on the shtreets(streets 😄).
From fried eggs, chapo, mahamri, octopus, miraa, tea, samosa, viasi karai, pancake, peanuts, achari, cashew nuts, shawarma…etc.

7. Tuktuks are the answer!
I not only enjoy riding on them but they are many here and very convenient.
Not like our friends the motorbikes that show up from nowhere in Nairobi😑.
Hapa tuktuk wakona(they have) courtesy and they are everywhere. You cannot miss one to take you where you are meant to be. Also, Mombasa being a small town, you can’t get lost with them around.

8. Their language is infectious.
I found myself talking like them too. If I stayed here longer than I did ningekuwa gwiji wa lugha(I would have been a professional kiswahili speaker)for sure!

9. You live for today.
People here try not to complicate things. They live in the now by savouring each moment as it comes. They say,”Aaaah sisi twaiishi ya leo…” (aka YOLO. To live like there is no tomorrow)

10. What an act of kindness can do.
We visited my folks’ Hindu friends(who are basically family now) because we thought, why not..? We are at the coast anyways so while we were at it, we might as well 🙂
They are a small family but very closely knit. They have a sick granny who is taken care of by her grand daughter. With so much heart, commitment and dedication. It’s a gift really. The granny is so grateful for her and prays for her prosperity.
Before we left we prayed with this family and they kept responding Amen because they believe that God is God. He will hear all our prayers when we pray.
When we were leaving she was brought to tears. She could not believe how a Christian family would go out their way to visit her and pray for her while her own extended relatives wouldn’t even call to find out how she is doing. I nearly cried at the sight of her tears but these were tears of gratitude. She is the sweetest! We love you. May God continue to be with you all.

11. Even in the time of happiness there is always someone in the world going through an opposite emotion that you are going through.
My stay here made me a happy camper. Only to receive a call a few days back from home to be told that the grandma (that I was named after) had passed on due to old age. It’s sad… But she lived a full life, believed in Christ and God thought that is was best for her to rest.
May her soul Rest In Eternal Peace and that the immediate family would be comforted during this time.

Yeah… C’est tout.

Thank you mama for the treat😘
Until next time au revoir Mombasa✋

Have a lovely day on the world flowers 🌸 🙂


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