Taking Stock deux (2)

Hello there flowers✋
It’s October! and you know what that means………..
Not able to guess yet?
Christmas is almost nigh!! woohoohoo *cue song here* “🎶It’s the most-wonderful-time-of-the-year…🎵”🎄
And I absolutely agree to that. Christmas time just gives me the feels all the time. In fact, so much so I already have a post on my drafts that is waiting to be posted during that time.
Your welcome;).

October, karibu sana.
I am grateful to God for a new month because a new month to me always feels like a fresh start, a chance to do something one more time, to get to learn a thing or two, continuity and finally new mercies and graces as well.
As the title suggest, this is me taking stock of where I am at.

Thus, without  any further ado, my taking stock deux (2)

Making: Plans to swim regularly🏊just like I did in high school.
Getting some of the energy that I have out. Also, because I enjoy being near water. Yees.. Yees.. I also run around in the rain😁

Cooking: Eeeh nothing really… I am just brewing my jasmine flavored green tea.
Its the best!😋
Also, I am noticing a trend here.. where even in the last taking stock I was making tea… Well, I am hoping to do better than tea next time and even post pics of it.

Reading: That I have 628 messages from a group I am in on Whatsapp and I do not have the slightest idea where to begin😬.
woooi… First, what were they talking about? Hmm, now I am curious to find out.
*scrolls up to where the conversation began*

Drinking: The jasmine flavored tea that has just finished brewing.
It not only goes down smooth but also has me feeling more alert and that my system is being cleaned up real good too👍.

Smelling: Cherry Berry fruity smell from my Blistex lipbalm that I have just applied👄.

To save and to spend all the money💰 I get wisely,
To sing🎶;,
To write📝 more
To perform and
To travel✈
Still working towards to achieve these🙏.

Thinking: About how to finish up a post that I had began writing last month.
Hopefully then be up next week as soon as I am done.
Be ready 🙂

Wasting: no time with regards to putting myself out there, taking chances and expressing what is in my head and heart.. with a touch of diplomacy of course. #goals

This guy on youtube.
His name is Anthony Lee and his dance routines are just sick! He describes himself as a lazy dancer but in between his dance moves there are quite a number of intricate moves that I am all about!
Also, remember the little Asian thing that I have…Please proceed to read it here because weeeeh! I am still about it..😌
.. but a different one now hehehe.
I shared, this , this and this with my brother the other day. He approved on some and others he didn’t busrisokay! because,
“Anto, (That’s how I would call him) usijali I am now your newest and biggest fan. Don’t care what others think.”😎
hehehe enjoy and let me know what you think.

Kirk Franklin’s –September
lol in October 😄

Admiring: iisuperwomanii on youtube
I know I mentioned her on my last taking stock post but let me explain myself.
She turned 27 last weekend and she has achieved so much. When you take time to follow her vlogging channel you get to see who she really is. Just a girl trying to make her dreams come true. What stands out for me is her positive attitude towards things, her hard work that she applies on her job as a you tuber and finally how she is not afraid of taking risks and being herself… is super super admirable Ms. Superwoman.
I really would like to meet her some day. Really.

Liking and Loving: My family, relatives, genuine people, Anto(Anthony Lee hehe), coldstone, cats, the fact that next month is birthday month! *woot woot* aaaand Christmas is technically here too… such joy and cheer.
Quite the random list, yeah.. I know..

Wondering: This article that was written by Njoki Chege.
Whaaaaaaat?? Hata kama ni fat shaming… heh! 👿
In fact, a review is coming up. Just give me a few.

Hoping: That the El nino will not be as harsh as they say it would be. In fact, I am praying that it does rain… and that it may cause more good to the country as opposed to destruction. Please try and take as much caution as you can. Be prepared. Better to be safe than sorry guys.

Marveling: At a photo that I was tagged by my friend on instagram of a girl who looks exactly like me… but thing is, it wasn’t me… she probably lives across the seas but, whaaaa… let me show you..

Yeah… guys, that is not me at all. This is the link to her Instagram just to convince you that I am fooling nobody.

I have heard/watched a few documentaries that talked about having people out there who look just like us but I never thought I would meet them this soon. Look at that! How crazy is that? Cool… but crazy!

Needing: To finish a couple of things that I had began.
This is a bad habit that may need to be looked into. I always leave stuff hanging especially when I get bored. I drop them like a hot potato and move on. Which is bad… not good. Hoping that it will not turn against me one day.

Watching: The microwave heat my food.
No seriously I am 😄
I am also watching ‘The Mindy Project’ series. I like her! too much!❤ she is sooooo relatable to me. Also, marveling at the fact that my ex colleague Grace Kuria looks, talks and acts like Mindy! I am not the only person who got to tell her about this… we are like 9 and I am the 10th one really:D Anyways, all I am saying is that she can pass as her younger African sister.

Learning: How to do what I have to do to even when I do not necessarily feel like doing it.💪

Wishing: Upon the stars that someone will surprise me with dark chocolate…🍫😋
Also on the last taking stock 1 here, someone was kind enough to get my family and I pizza. You know yourselves.. Bless your kind souls.🙏

Enjoying: The walks that I take after work.
Just me… the world.. and the music that is playing on my phone. Awesome!

Giggling: At this

Bookmarking: 15 Productivity Hacks For Procrastinators

Knowing: That I will one day drive a car without fear… Can I get and amen?
Also, that I will continuously talk to strangers because I genuinely think that everyone has a uniqueness that I find intriguing. 😁

Feeling: The need to go for a dancing classes soooooo bad maan. 💃
Maybe lingala… contemporary… I ron know??

Opening: This weeks to do list and seeing what it is I have not done and getting right to it.

That-is-all that I have for you folks!
Feel free to leave a comment, like and share as well. 🙂

Have a beautiful day flowers! 🌼 🙂
Au revoir👋


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