There are Better Ways to Say Things

I know I am late with this review… burum…
Here it is!
When I went to journalism school there are some principles that kept being repeated, highlighted in practically every unit and they seem to intertwine with each other. In fact, Principles of Journalism was a unit on its own in first year.
Right… so let us discuss the elephant in the room which was the title to the article that made me question peoples intentions and professionalism.
It had me like, what happened to principles and professionalism?
Here is the article. Please read it for those who have not already read it.

When you are done, come back here we discuss.

We do understand that you have identified that there is an issue but there are better ways to tell people the truth without it being offensive.

Same way you cannot tell someone who has lost a friend,
“Aey… Aey… skiza… beshte yako amego. Pole manze. Ni hali ya life…”

shocked image

What did you just say?

How inhuman can you get…
Let us go though the principles of Journalism as we analyze this article shall we?

1.Truth and Accuracy
Sometimes journalists do not report the truth thus sometimes when they are not sure it is important to use terms that will not get you in trouble. e.g: She allegedly……
But it is advised to research well before reporting a story for credibility purposes as well. Also, you begin to build trust with your audience.
This article is true in the sense that there people are over the standard weight measure and accurate with the fact that if health issues are arising then one needs to do something about it.
The problem I have with this is simply delivery of how the truth has been conveyed.
Which brings me to the next point.

2. Fairness and Impartiality
This has to do with the fact that, a story needs to approached with two sides. To mean, it has to be balanced as opposed to be leaning on one side.
See in this article she only gave one side of the coin. Just picking a few sentences from the article,
“You are not beautiful and your body needs some work. There is nothing curvaceous about folds of flesh protruding from that poor dress.
You look like a slab of side steak and your body is just a mash up of cholesterol-clogged arteries, high blood pressure and a lot of diabetes.”
Right! this is why I didn’t even finish the article…
As you can see she leans more on the negatives as opposed to looking at positives.
Waaaa…?? How negative can one be?
We are all God’s creatures and we are all fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139:14).
Let me define this further.
We are all created by the creator of the universe. He only makes the best!
We are also all very different thus unique and that is what makes the world diverse. Think about it… if we were all the same, the world would not have no balance. In the sense that, if we were all the same the would be no sugar and spice to spice up the world. We all appreciate and and enjoy variety.
Therefore, if we should be impartial as journalists, we then should seek to be more objective and just.. as opposed to subjective.

Journalists should be careful about the kind of language they use so as not to bring no harm to the audience on the receiving end.
Words and images can carry some weight just by the delivery.
I can’t comment much but I believe this was not observed.

4. Independence
When stories are being written, they should be done in a way that does not show that we have special interest on a particular aspect be it social, political or cultural.
On behalf of the audience it is important not to personalize the topic assigned to report but to objectively state the facts that are on the grounds.
A journalist must have an independent voice separate from their own interests.

It is true to say that,a number of my friends were offended by the article that was written… and my qualm is not what she was saying really… its just how she said it.

In other news,
Here is a picture of diversity…

Sugar and Spice. A couple of friends and I back then working on a 'curves and confidence' project.

Sugar and Spice.
A couple of friends and I back then working on a ‘curves and confidence’ project.

Thas all for now folks!
Let me know what your sentiments on this were.

Have a lovely day in the world flowers.

Pictures in this blog are from: Google and Facebook respectively.
Principles of Journalism:


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