When the lights go off….

If you have been reading my blog for a while now… Two posts back you would know that I like to listen to radio or music while carrying on with my chores. (You know, I probably have Luyha origin and huko my parents are thinking of ways to break it down to me… No need to worry mum and dad… I already know.. Its coming clear to me now more than ever.)
While listening to the radio a couple of days back, there was an announcement about how some areas will have power black outs due to the fact that they have to service the power lines and just like that, this announcement took me back guys… Like it took me way back.
I went to an all girls school in form one (I was 14 years old) and we experienced quite a number of black outs particularly when it rained heavily, during the weekends and during night prep. Hmm, come to think about it, it could have been a smart student who discovered where the main switch was and was like,
“I have had a long day… also, I have finished my assignment and I need to sleep… So,(insert cussing here) forget preps!”
Well, at least that is how it played out in my head. Or, the school just didn’t pay their bills on time… One of those.

The first time lights went off during entertainment day, while watching our ol’ time favourite soap at the time, “The Gardeners Daughter,” the whole school including the Primary section let out their, “Aahhs…” Of disappointment. So we did what high school girls know what to do best…😎
Torches were lit, popular tunes were sang, and hips that didn’t lie appeared.
But first,
Let me take you back to where it all started off…
At our school during the weekend, we were not in session and had the time to do laundry, finish assignments, sleep, talk and even have entertainment.
Entertainment was my favourite part. Also, simply because our music back in the day rocked! So yes, entertainment was either listening to music on the radio or watching music shows on television.
So the little disco affair all begun one evening during night prep when the lights went off and after about 20 minutes after hearing some form of activity taking place in the corridor, the form 4’s together with other girls of form 3 and 2 walked into our class and a dance battle was announced. Form 4’s paired with form 2’s and Form 3’s were with us guys, Form 1’s.
Yeah I know… you are probably wondering how we made it work; one girl took her place as the beat maker by using one of our lockers and a pen, another girl sang to popular reggae or ragga tunes,  the form 4’s controlled the flow of how the competition is to run and some how someone had a torch that was used to light the dance floor.
So guys, it is safe to say that was my first club experience.
Can I also say that not everyone was born with the capability of being able to shake our God given assets but there are other folks!! Yooh you could say that those body parts had a separate brain of their own really..
The different categories included:
1. Hips don’t lie (A lot off Shakira hip movement here.)
2. Shake ya bum bum (Well, the name speaks for itself here.)
3. Chair and I (Getting down and dirty with the Chair.)
4. Table and I (Getting down and dirty with the Table.)
5. Floor and I (Getting down and dirty with the Floor.)
and finally
6. Head to Head (Which was the freestyle round where the contestants come up with a move to beat their match.)
Also, just a pointer, the chair, table and floor were all to act in place of, ‘a guy.’
So, yes the dance floor did get quite steamy for entertainment.
To describe this better, being a Form 1, it felt like the way an intimate scene would come up when watching something with your folk and you are trying to avoid eye contact by;
a) walking away saying there is something you are going to pick,
b) looking for God knows what under the seat,
c) starting a random conversation with them so that they do not see that scene,
d) close your eyes in embarrassment.. Like you were 5
eyes hehehe
Except this time, you knew what the chair, floor and table symbolized and sure, our parents were not there but that feeling still found its way to get to us.
Those that never took part in the competition would only cheer, watch and once in a while attempted to either Hips don’t lie or Shake ya bum bum at the back of the class, with dreams that we would one day gradually move up to the other levels.
And that my friends, is what used to happen when the lights went off…
However, I changed schools to a mixed school and let’s just say, when the lights went off…

Have yourselves a good one flowers! 🙂


4 thoughts on “When the lights go off….

  1. The narration of the nature of high school days is absolutely precise when it comes to the details of what really went down and the integration of some amazing humour is legendary. Amazing piece.
    I miss High School already.


    • Thanks. 🙂 Let me tell you, you just have to make due and be creative with what you have 😀 After a couple of tries and after some years, I was able to shake it like Beyonce teeheehee…


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