I judged, but it was a Worth While Semester

Tell me, which lecturer have you heard wears Jordans to class?
Ladies and gentlemen, my lecturer did put on Jordans… That’s right folks!
I remember when we were registering for third year, second semester’s units,(way back in the day… hahaha who am I kidding? Okay, it was 4 years ago) form fillingI saw Political Economy of the media and Media Democracy and thought,

“Oooh yeah… this is going to be a really long semester with these two political/historical kind of units.. Damn it! I already had my fair share of Media Law 1 &2  in the last two semesters and now this??! Oooh boyyyy…”

So on the first day; first, he was a new lecturer, and also seemed put together but meeh I overlooked it all seeing as though I had already judged both his units by the cover that they were.
He gave an introduction of himself, his accomplishments, the papers he attained and that he was once a student in the university that I was in.
During all this, honestly all I heard was, “blah…blah…blah…Masters.. Blah…blah…blah…Hillary..


You see that person on the left, that was me..

Then, he breaks down the course outline and boom! for some reason he got my attention.

As the semester went on, he had us watching clips about how certain African countries were ruled, the rise and fall of Muammar Gaddafi and other leaders, democratic trends in Africa, the uses of media and

brain washhow media can brain wash the public and misinterpret common truths.

I have never been convinced in my whole life to pursue media. Up until these units existed.
We were split in groups and the next minute we were printing posters and debating over which movie/advertisement is worthy of viewership and even coming up with marketing strategies in order to gain viewership;
Presentations were quite intense because you could tell that people took the competitions he set very seriously;
He made us watch videos during the lecture period, which honestly is the best thing because lectures can be draining and this breaks the norm;
He had us writing daily reports and also asked us to email him with any questions on the lecture and grey areas that we may have had.
Since then, I do not view media and the world, in general, the same way as I used to. Not one sided… Well, maybe an acute angle..(Hahaha I kid.. I hope someone gets that.)
I am grateful for Tangaza University College for adding those 2 units in my Social Communications course and lastly give a huge shout out… Heck give a standing ovation to my lecturer, Hillary Oketch. You sir have impacted my life in a great way. Truth is, one could tell that he had a keen interest in the units and was willing to make his student’s learning process to be as interactive and enjoyable to say the least.
You smart.
You loyal.
I’ll just end here.
Yes, I might have judged at first, but it was a worth while semester that left a mark on my life.
“Asante Mwalimu.”


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