Shukisha..! Aaaai? Haushukishi..?

Early Sunday morning, I frantically rushed to make it in time for Bible Study.(But alas! My efforts where not futile though.. #sigh)
as the matatu (mini bus) approached the stage I asked the conductor to shukisha (drop me off) me at the stage. However, while I was walking towards the door, the conductor dropped someone else hurriedly and the driver drove off. I was so confused.

Moments later,
one of the passengers proceeded to ask the conductor,

“Kwani akili yako ilikuwa wapi na mrembo alikuombia vizuri umshukishe Mimosa??”
(Where was your mind when this beautiful lady told you nicely to drop her off at Mimosa??)

Other passengers joined in to defend my case. I was not to sure why? Maybe its because I am extremely adorable and they just had to intervene. Hahaha naah.. I probably gave off a very convincing, “Alar?! wos-going-on?” face in all my confusion.

All that commotion got me dropped off at the entrance.. (yaaaay)
Hey, although I was late, it saved me the walk from the stage.

Dear matatu passengers on that day.
Thank you for defending my case. 🙂

Have a wonderful time in the world flowers!


2 thoughts on “Shukisha..! Aaaai? Haushukishi..?

  1. Diana says:

    The little incidents that make all the difference. There is a time when I found myself in the wrong bus. I was going to Ruaka but ended up in a bus heading to Ruiru. Realized my mistake at Ngara and the conductor simply refused to shukisha me. He claimed that we were on the highway and that I had to go to Ruiru and then come back. One passenger heard the conversation and thankfully started complaining and soon the whole bus was yelling at the makanga to shukisha me.Those strangers save me 🙂

    Sorry for the long comment. Your post triggered that memory 🙂


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