Taking Stock, (3) Tall Dark and Handsome Edition

Wallapa watunguyaz!
My name is Theador and yes… Grace,
She did some damage to me and thought that I would sabotage her right here in the feels of her blog. Seeing as though she calls you people flowers. Who does that?
Y’all be just a bunch of plantation.. lolz!
Ooh yeah… and I am tall dark and handsome ladies 😉
I could just post my photo here but that would be buzz kill. Just send me and email on theador@talldarkandhandsome.com.
I can see that she has not done a taking stock in a while and now that we are getting to know each other, a taking stock would do just fine.

Cooking: Well, I kickass omelette .
It was boss.
Yeah ladies… I cook too. 😉

Making: A budget because I need to spend less and save more.

Reading: This girls blog post and think that, she is hilarious and in some way psycho. Like, what goes through her mind when she writes all these?? She’s special and.. and.. sadly enough.. I miss her…

Drinking: White coffee with my eggs for breakfast.

Smelling: My armpit and wondering if I should take a shower…
Deng! I have to..

Wanting: To see the look on Grace’s face when she sees that her blog has been sabotaged.

Thinking: About what kind off playlist I should make this time.

Yoooh also, this taking stock business imeanza kuniboh! Ghaaaaa…and it looks like I have quite a number to go.
Ayaa.. Lez do this, *flexes muscles* Yeah I have muscles too 😉

Wasting: No time on people who seem like they don’t want the best for me.
No new friends… no new friends… no.. no.. no..

Following: Denomination yaani?
Mimi nimtoto wa mungu.

Playing: George Benson’s- Fingerlero

Admiring: My masculine self

Loving: How Manchester United beat Arsenal 3-2.. A couple of days back.
Ooooh Yeah!

Hoping: For more love and peace in the world…
What?? Yeah.. I’m sensitive and Yeah.. I care about world peace. Who doesn’t..?

Marveling: Ati?

Needing: To hydrate more seeing as though the doctor asked me to.
Water is just so hard for me to take okay.. *sigh..

Watching: Monkeys looking so defeated at the sight of apples in our kitchen that they cannot reach.

Learning: To speak the language of love fluently…
Yup, French.
Kwani what did you think it was?

Wishing: Upon the stars…
Isn’t that a thing that people do right?

Enjoying: This Q and A’s only to an extent.

Giggling: Ni nini sasa?

Bookmarking: 12 honest vows you will not hear at a wedding
Its quite an intriguing read that I came across on face book.

That I may have to go town later today..
Not looking forward to that at all!

Feeling: Mafeelings??

Opening: A container full of peanuts…
Yaay to mid morning snacks seeing as this post seemed longer than I expected.

Also, just a snippet of how I may or may not look like,


Hello from the other side…

Have a wonderful day ma ninjaz!
(So much better than flowers aey…?)

That-guy Theador.




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