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The Lab Guy

Hallo… Hallo…
Hollup, did my account just get HACKED!????
Oooh imma get that so called Theador dude!
He is going to have it so bad!!
Anyways, onto pressing matters…(all the puns intended here)
While I was at the doctors office today a random thought came to my mind… Well, it came to me after I had to do a poop and pee test.(I know, it sounds way better when you say them like that right?)


Hello… I’m poop..


Where I go, after you are done with your business, you are able to give your waste to the laboratory guy while in the lavatory area…(this is, #smart #thisiswisdom #haveacookie 🍪)
As opposed to carrying it around and walking towards the lab. Honestly, my worst fear in carrying them around would be,  say if you tripped and fell? or it slipped out your fingers and then your pee and poop is exposed for the whole world to see..😨
I would ran away and forget that I was even sick in the first place.
Because, come on.. even with Nivea’s, ‘Keep it Cool’ campaign, there is no way you can keep calm and keep it cool from that..
Anyways, back to the Lab guy.
This guy second to.. yourself and your spouse(if you are into each other’s excreted matter…😄) knows how your number one and two smells and looks like.
This guy is the only one that can spread a nasty rumour about you when you cross his line.. Heck when someone wants to dig dirt on you, he can go to this guy. Yikes!
This guy, no matter how nice you look, knows a little secret about you. Even if you showed up looking all glamorous and dapper… It doesn’t count! He just knows you… He knows you…
I don’t know about you guys.. but I respect him and his job.
You should to. I mean this guy knows me like that… He knows us like that.
Just a thought.

Have a lovely day in the world flowers🌹:)



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