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Chilli Powder

I moved guys… I-finally-moved! So yeah.. all the adulting just began.


Anyways, after offloading our stuff (my house mate’s and I) from the van, we took time to separate our belongings into our rooms.
While we were trying to settle, we munched on some njugus that I had bought because:
a) We didn’t have food.
b) We didnt have a meko or anything to cook with
c) Come on.. its njugus 😁

Come on, look at that.

Our care taker was gracious enough to help us set up the curtains and the shears that took quite some time.
When we were done, hunger pangs struck and so I went to grab a loaf of bread to have for supper along with the remaining njugus.
A few minutes later, she complained that her mouth was burning…
(but first,..)
The first time we viewed the house, we were awed.. of how we got such a sweet deal. God had answered our prayers for sure. Then, I check all the drawers and cabinets just to check out the place more to come across, cockroaches😬.
Manzeeee…. They were so many 😦
I was moving out of home for the first time, and then I meet these fellows… Heh! Reality hit me..This is not home… I am moving out.. I was just like,
“Maaaaan… You guys… Maan… Why you garra be here though..?”
I was ready for all the other things.. except those guys. My heart was huko on the ground. That night, I even had a dream about those creatures.
Having that in mind, I sort pest control.
So I asked around and a friend of mine recommended a powder to me that you just mix with enough water and sprays those dudus DEAD! (Well, with a face mask and gloves of course)
Woooohoooohooooo! That already was music to my ears🙌
I immediately ordered it and directed our care taker on how to mix it and to spray every corner and every surface.
A few days later he sent me the results of their work. Yooooh… There definitely was a massacre. An apocalypse of some sort. So he swept all of the dead ones together and guys, I am sure they could fit two and a half food containers😬. Yeah… They were that much. Mpaka I deleted the image immediately because… Yuck! There probably was like 5 generations in there.
Anyways back to us moving in.
Where were we?
Oooh yeah…
A few minutes later, she complained that her mouth was burning…
So I advised her to wash her mouth with running water because the house had been fumigated and it hadn’t been fully cleaned.
Then, my eyes and nose had some kind of burning sensation after rubbing them because of all the moving in dust that was there. So I was like,
“Weeeh it’s got me too..”
And so I washed my face but it didn’t go away.
We went to sleep thinking and planning on how we should wash the house thoroughly fearing the burning sensation that we experienced.
The next day, I had some of those njugus for breakfast… But this time, it tasted as though it had chilli. So I proceeded to read the package and take a lucky guess which one flavour was used to fry them? ‘chilli powder.’ It had chilli powder..
I shared my findings with my housemate and we just burst out laughing at ourselves.
Moral of the story, umdhaniye siye huwa ndiye na ndiye huwa siye.

I would like to give a shout out to:
My family, hey wassup! *Hearts to you* 🙂
Kaiza, Thank you for being my housemate 🙂
Stella, Yous the real MVP! coming through with that pest control solution. Aki thenks! 🙂
My care taker, Thank you for settting up our curtains.

Have a wonderful time in the world flowers 🙂




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