Our Little Flower

Guys, do not assume, just ask.
In the music team that I serve in, it was announced that it will be a combined choir and we shall serve in two services. The main one and the young adults one.
So yes, I attended the usual Saturday practice, ran through most of the songs and I even managed to stick around for just a bit for mic check.
Later that night while I was going through my texts, I saw that one of the guys we serve with asked if there was a dress code but no one replied.
The next day I had a strong urge to wear a black dress and red ear rings. Question is, did I? Nope guys… No I did not.
When I was half way on my way to church, I did what a normal person with a gadget would do. I checked my texts one more time.. and guys.., there was a dress code😬.
Oooh boy.
On my arrival, I laughed at my own sight and said to the choir,
“I had no idea we were supossed to have a dress code…”
I continued to laugh at myself.
One of the ladies in the main choir said,
“It’s okay… You look like our little flower standing out..”


Standing out

I smiled and said,
“The little flower..”
Another said,
“They will look at you and say, this one is definitely a young adult..”
And I was like,
“Hahaha yeah…”
When the service started, because I knew I looked out of place, I was more aware of those that were looking at me. Maybe it was all in my head.
I was trying to imagine what was going through their heads and answered their questions as follows(in my head of course.. although, drama/the extreme would be for me to take a mic and verbalize these my thoughts. Sounds like something that would happen in the scene of a play yaah? Just picture it. Anyways, as we were) :

1. No I didn’t have any special announcement I was making.
2. No I am not reading the bible.
3. No I was not going to sing a solo for a song.
4. No I am not rebellious.
5. Yes I do have red garments.
6. I am just a buttercup in this field.
(I think I digressed there😄)
7. Yes I am a youngin’
8. Okay I will not move too much so that I don’t distract the colour pattern on stage.
9. And no I am not doing an interpretive dance.

So while the rest were in black and red garments, I was in yellow, green, orange and a hint of black.
Yeah… I know.
Moral of the story folks? Don’t assume, just ask.
Did that stop me from fulfilling my intended purpose that day? Naaah… I wore that yellow proud! Like I was supposed to💪😎😁

Have a lovely weekend flowers. 🌼 🙂


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