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Kari Ki?

Last week, while I was walking down to Yaya Centre from Nakumatt Prestige, my wondering eyes and I met a scenario. A mother and a baby.
From a distance, I could hear a baby crying. The kind of cry that demands your attention. No in fact, it grabs your attention without your permission.
When I got closer and closer to the scene, the mother tried to rock, sing, tap and even shush the baby up from whatever that was irritating them.

Guys, I kid you not;
She sat down on the pavement where the gutter was and fed her baby.
Yes she breast fed her baby and the baby instantly stopped crying.
And that friends is the power of boobs! (Was that a bad joke? wooi I’m sorry.)
As we were,
Of course people will stare and judge but, Yoooh!
Kari ki?! (What is it?)
A mother’s got to do what a mother’s got to do.

Have a wonderful time in the world flowers 🙂



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