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‘Entertainment Industry’

Recently, I went back to school for a short management course in town.
So as per usual, the first week is mainly orientation right? Where the lecturer shows up and tells a tidbit of who they are and what they’ll lecture. Then the students also introduce themselves to the class.


In this case it was, where you work and what one does where they work.
After all the..,
“My names are__________, I work for______, I have__,children and have been married for__years”,
it got to my turn.
I could tell that every Njeri, Mugaka, Otieno and Mutinda were all eagerly waiting to hear what and why this young girl is in a management class.They all stared in anticipation.. curious.. Like they were waiting to win a bid or something.
“Hi, my name is Grace Muthoni and I work in the entertainment industry as an administrative assistant.”
Someone repeated..
There were whispers all over.
I’m guessing its because I said,’Entertainment Industry.’
So I elaborated.
“We provide sound and public address equipment for hire for events. For instance: corporate parties, concerts, weddings and the likes.”
And they all let out their,
“Ooooh…. Oooooh….”
Just when I thought I was done with my introduction, someone asked,
“So when do you intend to get married?”
First, (in my head) I was like, hollup! Can someone explain what does this question have to do with me being in a management class again?
Again, I got those dead stare curious eyes. Waiting to see.. what this young’n will say.
“Well, when God gifts me that man that I’m supposed to marry… That’s when I’ll marry.”
“Aaaaah…. Aaaaah….”
*they nodded*
“So, you’re on of those, ‘focusing on your career’ girls?”
Me: “Nope… Well, for now.. I am. So, yes, I am”
Creepy married man asked,
“So are you single?”
Me: “Yes.”
I.. know.. I know..
“How old are you?
Actually by this point I was ready to answer all manner of questions. Like, niliaccept (I accepted) my fate.
Me: “I’ll be turning 24 this year”
*whispers and amused facial expressions*
Me: “Any other question?
Moral of the story,
I was vetted and I was judged.
Also, if you work in the entertainment industry and you’re introducing yourself to people who may jaza pengo (fill in the blanks) otherwise because it’s a broad term, you may need to define it more. As for the other generation, don’t be a perve. Let’s just say in my class there were was fellow that gave me a,”uuuuu… I know what you meant by, working for the ‘entertainment industry’ means” *wink wink*. Because indeed, after class, this guy actually came to tell me where his mind went when I said that.
Jeeez-Lou-weeez maan get ya mind out of the gutter.

Have a wonderful time in the world flowers! 🌼 🙂



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