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Do you guys remember in class 8, because of the national exam that takes place later at the end of the year, TA’s would insist that your handwriting should look a certain way? Remember? The box kind.. the type that looked like you had to use a protractor to calculate the right angle of your letters? Remember that?

Looking like you used a protractor to get those angles right
Personally I didn’t have a problem with the whole thing (because I used a set square instead. Haha I kid). I just learnt to calculate and carefully position those letters in my composition and insha (kiswahili compositions) like my life depended on it.
Then high school happened.
Form 2, just like everyone else I believe, the identity bug checked in and for me this would also mean that my handwriting was affected as well.
I just loved my handwriting. (Still do.) I felt like it reflected my personality accurately.
Yeah.. sure.. I got those,
‘Your handwriting looks like you are drawing a bunch letters..’
and I was kind enough to say,
‘Oooh thank you.’
So this went on until form 4 and we all know what happens here at the end of the year.. Before that, my English teacher always wrote, ‘Handwriting!’ on most of my compositions.
I never saw that my handwriting was bad. I thought I was okay… I thought that my handwriting was neat and legible. Many would say,
‘Like ndaaah it’s your handwriting!’
but I wasn’t being cocky. I promise.
In form 4 my English teacher had to sit down and explain to me how my handwriting is not legible and it can cost me my marks. He mentioned that sure, my compositions were great but if I did’t change my handwriting to using a compass this time,(I’m kidding).
They would fail me greatly.
I felt so bad.. It’s like, I had to kill a part of me that was so liberating to be and do and succumb to calculating pie while writing.
There I was with all my mathematical tools sad looking forward to the time I leave High school and draw my letters the only way I know how.
So yeah… Here I am and occasionally, I look at my handwriting and remember the time I was huko (there) crippled.I was reminded of my tryung tines the other day when I was in the bank and they had to ask me if what had written was a 0 or a dot. It brought back such sad memories friends ;-(



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4 thoughts on “Handwriting

  1. I always found it weird how teachers would punish students for their handwriting. Writing can be a reflection of your personality and it’s very disheartening to get punished for ‘being you’. I mean shouldn’t WHAT I write be more important? But it makes sense that if they can’t read it than it would be concerning. The primary purpose of writing is of course Communication. For one, I think your handwriting is GREAT (assuming the last picture is your writing)! I’ve seen a lot worse. Your handwriting could simply be ‘messy’ because your writing TOO much that your mind is working faster than your hands or perhaps your pen is at fault. Many people will quit hand writing all together and just prefer to type. I hope you keep on writing! Check out our blog for tips to handwriting and why it’s beneficial for you and your education!
    – MPR

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