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Sentimental Value

Hi my name is Muthoni and I have a slight hoarding problem.Was I using, ‘Sentimental Value’as click bait? Maybe 😀 but you will see why I used this title further down.

Some time back, my house mate was surprised at how some of the things in my room have been with me from as far as 5-7 years back.
“Grace, are you kidding us?”
No friends, I am not.
I guess it’s a culture that was instilled in me as a child from my family. We tend to preserve/keep things in our possession for a long time to serve us until the point we are like,
“Yeah.. Yeah.. Okay you have done your duly service to us as an item. You are free to go.”
That just sounded like that thing did some time huh? but if you think about it, it did serve us some time.
When I buy something or something is gifted to me, I would guard it and preserve it because whatever that comes to my possession has some kind of sentimental value.

Sure it may look like I have hundreds of things but I know each and every item that I possess.
I remember when I was little I had some favourite possessions particularly items of clothing that I would like to wear all the time. When I got new items of clothing, my mother would show me what she got and Just like that, the memory of my favourites would be erased and then later it comes back to me and feel so betrayed, ;-( because she gave them away. I was comforted with the thought that another girl was enjoying it just as much as I did.
Waiiiiit… come to think about it, I still have a clock my dad bought me when I was turning 7 I believe? Yeah… 10 years fam!
Also, just to clarify, I love to share! Because sharing is caring. Just return them back in one piece. Not pieces please.
I just also want to say that I have been taking baby steps in giving up stuff. Be it the fact that it does not fit or that it played its part in my life at the time and now the time has come to be like frozen and ‘let it go.’
There is this and some other woiye complexity of leaving stuff by themselves that I have. Hahaha woooi that’s a story for another day.
This story was birthed by a YouTube video I watched the other day by a really cool guy
called ,’Domics.’ He made me feel like I wasn’t crazy.
Check it out.

If there are others out there like me, please be comforted. You know two people who are like that now. 😀
See you later fam.



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