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Fruit Tea Goodness

I woke today craving fruit tea. Thing about this is, I did not have the fruit teas themselves😂.
Isssahard knock life right?
This reality did not dampen my mood. No sooner had I made peace with the fact that I’ll make my usual black lemon tea, than I remembered that I had some juice in the fridge. Alas! Fruit tea is what I want, fruit tea is what I’ll have😊

So here is, my DIY fruit tea.

1. Ginger spice
2. A slice of lemon
3. Boiled water
4. Apple Juice
(I prefer apple juice and probably any other juice that is not dense Eg:
Mango juice. Although I am yet to try with others like, mixed berry and the like.)
5.  Your tea-cup
6. Sieve

-Cut a slice of lemon in your tea-cup
-Pour 1/2 a cup of apple juice into the cup
-Add hot water to fill in the cup while seiving the ginger
(You can pop it in the microwave if you want it super hot for like 1 min. If your juice was in the fridge like mine that is.)

Apple fruit tea
The following is not the actual image. I wish! Yeah… I know.. I know.. I need to step up my recipe image game.

No need to add sugar because, the juice is already sweet enough.
Reason as to why I added both ginger and lemon is to give the mix a kick so that it doesn’t taste like warm juice. Yeah… and we would not want that please.

By the way Method 2:
I believe that this drink can also be served cold for a hot day without the ginger and water. Slice 1/2 a lemon, pour 1/2 a cup of apple juice into a jug and the then fill in the other 1/2 with sprite for that fizzy fruit drink.

Guys, this fruit tea was answering and solving all the problems that I had for the week!
I hope you get to try it out and let me know if you enjoyed it.

Have a wonderful day peeps!




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