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Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms

Hi friends 🙂
Here is an excerpt from a poem I wrote..
Now that I have your attention, we can continue.
So today I am here on a different agenda but not too far from some of the things that I will be sharing here on my blog.
I came to the office really early today and all I could think about was being back home cuddled with a cup of coffee.

Image: Yaoyao Ma Van

Before I could settle down to work, I looked for a suitable playlist to fit that mood and I came across this song as the title suggest. Maaan all the feels.. All-of-them.
Although I must warn you, its in a different dialect Haha! I can hear your judgment from here. Just turn on the cc on the YouTube video to turn on the subtitles. You are welcome.
Alright, here it is enjoy,

Excuse me as I go to listen to more of IU’s songs and watch them twice. Once while reading the subtitles and the second time watching the actual video




Life Experiences from My Point of View

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