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Taking Stock Quatre (4)

Picture this, you are late, the room that you are getting into is full with people… So you try as much you can to get in and sit as fast as you can quietly trying not to cause any kind of commotion at all.

In fact you wish you could flow into the room like liquid instead of a solid form to an available chair. (all those questioning my sanity, I see you!)
Well, that’s how embarrazzed I feel now for not taking stock for a while now.

I can’t even look at you

So here it is,

Cooked: up a mean Pilau Kachumbari recipe

Making: A list of things to do by the time this year ends

Reading: My old journals

Wanting: To do a lot of travelling on my own lately

Thinking: Of how I would like to own a pet really soon.
I think its going to be a cat. #Apartmentmanenos.
Also, I just think a dog need grass to just play on and just run around and chase its tail or something.

Wasting: No time on opening an M-Shwari account

Playing: Zico’s I am you, you are me .
Although it sounds more acoustic than pop.
I have been listening to a lot of K-Pop lately. I know I am late on this band wagon but I am on it.. So yeah..

Admiring: YaoYao Ma Van As. She specializes in illustration and animation

Loving: My self a lot lately

Hoping: that we can live as ONE country ONE community. Instead of looking at each other as, “you your from here and this is how you guys are,” we should appreciate the beauty in the fact that, we are so diverse and that everyone/ every tribe has something to bring to the table. The common factor is that we come from this great country of ours. Kenya.

Marveling: at Yaoyao Ma Van As
This girls illustrations are just amazing! So because I am a fan, I will share her blog.
Right?! I know.. I know.
Anyways, I generally appreciate all kinds of art(Music, Written, Theater, Culinary, Drawing, Fashion etc) but there is something about artists who draw that I envy admire.

Watching: Suits, season 4. I have no shame *sticks tongue out*.

Learning: To be more intentional in all my friendships and saying I love you to those that matter too.

Wishing: and hoping that I can be able to do if not all, half of the list I made to do by the end of the year

Enjoying: A smoothie and cookie

Courtesy of my colleague 🙂

Laughing: at this particular #muhohochallenge

Bookmarking: Recipes that I would like to try on pinterest

Knowing: That the short rains are here with us.
Well, at least I thought so. Please come back ;(

Feeling: The need to seriously plant some trees on Ngong Road.
Guys, is there a way this can be done by a group? Like, what’s the plan now that they have been cut?

Opening: Up to correction.
I have never been the type to take correction well but sometimes, you just have to clench ya buttocks and take it. Even if it hurts. Well, also one should be in a position to tell whether they are just plain old attacking you or telling you to mean well.

Yaaas thas ambourit folks!
Always nice catching up with you .
Have a good one.




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