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2 Movies, 1 Series

Extra! Extra! get it while its hot!
You know me and how I love to share things that I come across and are definitely worth sharing.
So, for today I am sharing 2 movies and 1 series that will definitely be worth your time.
Trust me. Check out the trailers and then you decide.. Kapish? 🙂

1. The Foreigner
Jackie Chan is the main character in this movie and his role is pretty cool because we get to see a side of him that is completely different from his fighting and action packed roles.

2. Coco
This movie was able to tap into my emotions… I had aaaalll-the-feels. I found that the story line is simple and different to your usual animation story. I- just-loved-it.

3. The Good Doctor
Heh! Heh! Guys… This one.
This series stars an autistic young surgeon who has Savant Syndrome and is under the mentorship and care of the owner of the hospital he works in.
To be honest, because my heart is super soft, I cried because I am ball of mush… But, I was also filled with so much admiration for the main character. The concept of the show is something familiar merged with a unique angle.

I am so inspired by such movies and I am usually more impressed by the minds/writers behind these scripts. It’s not like watching the Kardashian’s, where you can actually feel ya brain cells leaving you.. Pwahaha!
Anyways, write to me some of your recommendations and I would also like to hear what you think of these.
Have a lovely weekend flowers.



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4 thoughts on “2 Movies, 1 Series

      1. And he knows he is hot.!! I reached the episode where the president was slapped by the autistic guy. (For the life of me I can’t remember their names.) Also, since Melendez’s wife doesn’t want a baby, its interesting to see if he will have an affair with the cute nurse. Gosh, am so bad with names.!!


      2. Yeah! Tell me about it. I guess you can’t be both good looking and have a great personality lols.. I am actually quite anxious to see like where Shaun(the autistic doc. Hehehe that’s his name) goes when he ran away. Bytheways, I was low key so worried. Oooh yes, there definitely was something something between Dr. Melendez and yeah.. That other Doc What was her name though?? Gosh! We’re just those Chic’s though🙈


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