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Uliza Kiatu

When I was coming to work today, I could not help but think of how a couple of Monday’s back, my day started off on such a terrible note. Monday blues and all its relatives visited me and were out to get me.
I recently moved out and you know when you move out you discover stuff that you had but forgot all about it.. yeah? Well, I came across a pair of shoes that I used to like and wore for quite a bit. After I had given out quite a number of pairs, I had purposed to wear that specific pair on Monday to work.
It had rained the whole night and on my way to work, the air was quite fresh, the dust had settled and there were still some puddles here and there seeing as though Nairobi grounds had taken in a good amount of water that it could handle. The rest would have been an over indulgence.
Alighting the bus, I am happy with myself and my choice of attire from top to bottom. Well, bottom mostly because of the shoes I had on. My wedges. I could easily step into a puddle, and not have struggles of my feet getting wet.
As I was walking toward the office from the stage, (its a 5 min walk,) one shoe
felt loose than the other and I was like,
“ndaa! one foot is bigger than the other. That’s quick maths!”
I keep walking and there’s a noise. This time and I am like,
“hollup.. Maybe its something I have stepped on.”
I ignore and keep walking.
Few minutes later I hear,
I look down and I was greeted by a smiling shoe…

Kidding me

Well, before the smile it was a grin. It was as though the shoe itself was not letting me katia it for just a littu so that I can get to the office. Heh! but you think it wanted my stories? It just went on and just laughed at me the whole way. BOTH SHOES! like, wharathese??!!
I was not able to walk from where I was to the office. I had to take a boda boda. A boda boda friends to a 3 mins worth destination. Waow.. dope.
So I was just there chilling for a boda to swing by and while I was there I made friends with one of the cleaning lady’s who told me of how baby daddy number two has been coming home drunk lately and she’s thinking of breaking up with him because its really affecting the kids. Guys, in those few minutes, I was also an amusement to all the the big cars passing by.. Man! I could just hear them judging me. Then, Alas! a boda boda.
(I know most of you are like, but Grace, you could have walked. No fam. It was muddy and there was no clear walking path because there was water everywhere! and I am like, I do-not-have-an-idea where that water has been or has passed through. Naah fam. buuut, thinking about it, if it was just mud and I am walking on a path that I can see, I would have walked to the office. I will just think of the whole ordeal as spa type mud regiment.)
5 seconds after my pick up, I was in the office and the guy charged me 70 bob! and he was even brave to say that because he gave me a push, I should give him a generous pay.
Let’s just say that Monday, everything went downward from there.
But anyways, a story has been birthed out of it all. A gain for you minus for me 🙂

Have a lovely one peeps!



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