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Once upon a time back, in the office, while I was preparing a cup of tea I removed a substance from my bag that to me was quite normal but to another seemed quite strange.
I proceeded to pour it into my cup, stir for about 3 rounds ready to drink.
My colleague just looked at me and didn’t even say a word until I returned the substance in my bag and sat.


“Yoooh, what’s that stuff you’ve added in your tea?”

“Oooh that? It’s nothing. It’s just some things a witch doctor and I burnt from my crushes house so that he can like me.”

He laughed!

“Hey! Stop laughing. I’m being very serious here.”

“Heh! eti what?! It’s just that I would never picture you like the type to do that…”

“Sssssssshhhh… Stop raising your voice! It’s not like I am proud of my choices okay? Things are dhick out here.”


For someone who is learning this sarcasm thing, I think I am doing pretty well if you asked me yes?

Have a lovely day folks!




Life Experiences from My Point of View

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