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The following content is going to be gross to some of you. Well, it really was gross for me. Sooooooooo, I ‘m just warning you.

Anyways… here goes.
A couple of week’s back, when it was raining, when I was leaving my house, there was a snail on my door. Eeeew. So because I did not want it to snail itself all the way to the handle of my grill as I opened it, once I come home from work, (Eeeew) I left it open.
Later on that day, I found the snail had moved to the top right of my door. Eeeew. I opened my door, placed my bag and walked out to look for a stick to remove that feller.
I got one.
I was trying not to harm the snail by gently poking it. Eeeew. Guys, I could feel texture of the snail through the stick.

So I kept poking at it over and over because its like it had stuck there like its life depended on it. (Goosh, I had such a random thought. What if the guys that make glue use some of that snail substance to make it? Yoooh! Eeeeew. Considering we would spread glue with our fingers like everything is normal. No-its-not. We are done for. Eeeew. Why does my mind just wonder like that? Anyways,)
The snail did not move until a couple of pokes later theeeeeen, I just saw a substance flowing down from where the snail was. EEEEW!! It’s like the feller pee’d out of panic. Defense mechanism manenos. Eeeeeew.
Immediately after that, I was able to remove it from where it was. Eeeeew. Imagine I boiled water with salt to pour on my door hoping that I can wash it away. Did the mucusy substance go away while I tried to wipe it away? Nope. Let’s just say that I threw away that rug because, eeeew.
Well friends, that’s my eeeew story. Until next time… in the next episode of thank God I have an amazing family that live right next to me because, if there was a bigger bug inside my house, I would go to every house until I get someone aka a stranger to help me remove it because buugs.. eeeeeew.



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