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So… being a millennial, (of which I am not mad about) I tend to be one of those that work with music playing in the background. There’s just something about creating the right ambiance while working while using a playlist that can either work to your favour and motivate you to work, or completely distract you from work. Teeheehee
I mostly use YouTube playlists and because it acts like a smarty pants, they tend to suggest stuff that is along the lines of the things you watch or listen to. Yes? Right.
Earlier this week, YouTube suggested, PJ Mortion feat Yebba, ‘How Deep is your Love’ Gumbo Unplugged and I looooooved it! I shared it on my socials, here and here. (#shamelessplug).
After sharing I was like, Yebba? Who is Yebba?

This is Yebba

I searched and came across this song. Maaaaaaan I have played it say 10 times in a day at least, since Monday. It’s so beautiful. So so beautiful.
The name of the song is, ‘Evergreen.’
Take a listen and then I shall break it down for you in a few.

The first time I had this song, I really didn’t pay attention to the words because, the first time I listen to a song, I usually listen to the vocals, instruments and the arrangement of the music but for some reason, this particular jam, the first time I heard it, I stopped it quarter way and then started it all over again. This time, listening to the lyrics and how she expressed herself while she sang.
It sounded like a deep soulful love song. However there’s more to this that meets the eye.
I learnt later on that Ms. Yebba lost her mum to Suicide weeks later after she released her first single, “My mind” and this (Evergreen) song is an expression towards that.
Here is what had to say of which I thought described it better than I would have:

This is a beautiful song about love, and the understanding of life. This author is starts by describing her deep wish for life to be unending, and doesn’t understand why we can’t be forever. She then leads into asking the one she lost, if they can’t stay with her.. will they wait for her for it will just as hard losing them altogether as it would be if they were vacant for moments in time.Evergreen is defined as something that can be planted or something that maintains it’s freshness and is always popular. This person the author is speaking of will never leave the authors thoughts or memories. This person is evergreen both on earth and in heaven by heaven itself.

This song is, her cry.. her questions… her wishes… her thoughts… her emotions… and while listening to the song, you can just feel all this things. Well, I did for sure.

I dedicate this song to those who have loved and lost and have questions,
May God comfort you and grant you peace beyond your own understanding.

I am sorry that this blog wasn’t chipper and all buuut, once in a while it’s good to pause and feel.

Have a lovely day flowers.



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