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26 Pieces for 26 Years on 26th

1. Time waits for no one.
If you are upset, angry or sad, feel it. Go through it. All of it. Each and every bit of it. But do not spend most of your precious time in that rut for long. Pick yourself and try again or do something completely different. Change strategy.
This does not apply to grief or loss because there is nothing that anyone can say to make you feel understood or comforted. Time in this case, heals wounds.

2. Take some time to smell the roses, enjoy the little things. Do something else other than work.

3. People do not have it all figured out
Well, they are others who have figured it out and they are others who are still on the way to figure it out. The latter just have a better way of faking it until they make it.

4. Do not Discriminate.
Class or Race.

5. Not everyone is for you and wants to see you be happy, succeed or prosper.

6. Life has a way of humbling you.

7. Do not assume things.

8. Chips ni viazi.
Guys, chips ni viazi wasee.

9. Celebrate the small wins.

10. Its good to have hopes and dreams.
Really. Write them down, pray, share it with those that are for you (they might have some good insights) and then find a way to execute.

11. There are two types of people in this world: Executors and Idea carriers.
An Idea carrier is someone who can easily pin point a problem in society and come up with a solution for it.
An Executor on the other hand, is a person that helps carry through the solution to the end/Implement the solution to the latter.
Over time, you will figure out which of these you are. When you do, stick to your
lane/career paths.

12. I think that a woman’s intuition is the Strength that God gave us.

13. Work diligently.

14. Have an account for things that you use often.
For instance, if you buy gas, write on your calendar when bought it, monitor how long that gas will take you so as to estimate and know when your next buy will be.
Same applies for bills and costing.
Yeah… Adulting manenos.

15. Laugh.

16. Do random things that you usually would not do on a regular basis.

17. Laugh some more.

18. Love yourself.
People can smell desperation and desperation= people taking advantage of you.
Expl: Lack of self worth.
Do you boo!

19. Read and Equip yourself more whenever you can.
Also, surround yourself with people who are able to mentor, build and encourage you.

20. Whatever you love and enjoy doing, keep doing it.
You never know who is watching.
And even though no one is watching, there are some things/satisfaction that no money can give.

21. Trust your gut.
The Lord has your back.

23. Don’t be too serious.
Let loose! Life is too serious in itself. Jiachilie! Weka shida chini na tupa mikono juu. Banjuka juu!

23. Travel.
Tembea Kenya.
Enjoy your own country.
Other people from outside do.
Mbbbuuuut, when you can ndo interntiono NDO IT!

24. Talk to strangers.

25. Do not be afraid or intimidated by any one.
Because imagine, everyone poops and pees.
Granted Beyonce has a golden toilet and there are people who wipe her butt for her. Lol! Anyways, she still poops and pees.
(Hollup, speaking of butts, guys who usually have long finger nails, Eg: Cardi B, I always ask myself, how does she wipe her butt? Oh, Come on! I bet you you have thought about it too.)

26. When you can, spend time with your folks, siblings, loved ones and friends.
Don’t make excuses about being busy and all. Make time. Intentionally make time for people.
Investing in people are one of the best things you could invest on.

To many many more 🙂 *clink*

There are many more that I would like to share but these are the ones that came to mind.
I am curious to know, what pieces would you give?
Let me know 🙂




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