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26 Pieces for 26 Years on 26th

1. Time waits for no one.
If you are upset, angry or sad, feel it. Go through it. All of it. Each and every bit of it. But do not spend most of your precious time in that rut for long. Pick yourself and try again or do something completely different. Change strategy.
This does not apply to grief or loss because there is nothing that anyone can say to make you feel understood or comforted. Time in this case, heals wounds.

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Spiced Chicken in Tomato and Honey Sauce

Laidayyyyyyzzzzzzz! Feeeellllaaaaaz!
Hey.. I hope that you have been keeping yourself well.
By the title of the blog you can already tell that we.. yes, I.. have a recipe install for you.
Mbuutt first,
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Taking Stock Cinq (5)

Now that I have your attention. As per the title, you already know what time iris.(I’m sure some of you read that as, ‘eye-ris’ hahaha I was trying to weng, ‘it is’ but issswharevs.)

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So… being a millennial, (of which I am not mad about) I tend to be one of those that work with music playing in the background. There’s just something about creating the right ambiance while working while using a playlist that can either work to your favour and motivate you to work, or completely distract you from work. Teeheehee Continue reading “Evergreen”

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Once upon a time back, in the office, while I was preparing a cup of tea I removed a substance from my bag that to me was quite normal but to another seemed quite strange. Continue reading “Substance”

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Uliza Kiatu

When I was coming to work today, I could not help but think of how a couple of Monday’s back, my day started off on such a terrible note. Monday blues and all its relatives visited me and were out to get me. Continue reading “Uliza Kiatu”

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2 Movies, 1 Series

Extra! Extra! get it while its hot!
You know me and how I love to share things that I come across and are definitely worth sharing.
So, for today I am sharing 2 movies and 1 series that will definitely be worth your time.
Trust me. Check out the trailers and then you decide.. Kapish? 🙂

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