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Spiced Chicken in Tomato and Honey Sauce

Laidayyyyyyzzzzzzz! Feeeellllaaaaaz!
Hey.. I hope that you have been keeping yourself well.
By the title of the blog you can already tell that we.. yes, I.. have a recipe install for you.
Mbuutt first,
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Farmer’s Choice

Friend’s, what did you do over the holidays? Travel? Visit the folks? Spend time with the folks? Mall tourism? Give, receive and unwrap gifts? Go to church? Give back to society? Indulge in all kinds of sugary and fatty goodness? Nice.. Good job..👍 Because heck! What are the holidays for?

So now, ask me what I was doing over the holiday? Ask me..Just as me.. Please just ask me.. I promise I will not shout.

“Muthoni, what were you doing over the Holiday’s?

Thanks Jane. Thank you for asking. I’ll tell you what I was doing over the holidays.

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Fruit Tea Goodness

I woke today craving fruit tea. Thing about this is, I did not have the fruit teas themselves😂.
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