Kari Ki?

Last week, while I was walking down to Yaya Centre from Nakumatt Prestige, my wondering eyes and I met a scenario. A mother and a baby.
From a distance, I could hear a baby crying. The kind of cry that demands your attention. No in fact, it grabs your attention without your permission. Continue reading


The Appeal

With all that is going on in the world… This is my prayer,

Lord I stand in your presence wanting you and need you and
I am here and I surrender all of me so I can see
Your will is where I desire to be take all of me oh
All that I have and all that I do
I give it to you Lord it’s for you
Just take my hand and I’ll follow you for all that I have and all that I do it’s for you
You are my song it’s your love that keeps me strong and you are the light in the darkness of my night
I’m lost without you broken without you oh how I need you Continue reading

5 Things

Just a couple of things that I come across and thought that I should share it with my flowers 🙂
But first, ice breaker.
The other day when one of our neighbours sneezed and proceeded to say,
“excuse me…”
Because I was home alone I did what should have been done if you were in my shoes… I loudly responded,
I can only imagine what he thought of me at that particular time..
#theworlddoncare #noblessingsforme? #Whattha?? #Whointheworldrespondslikethat? #whatislife?
But for real though.. This did happen.Anyways,
5 things.
1. In the evenings, I walk up to The Junction mall and marvel the beauty of the Christmas decor that has already been put up both outside and inside aaaand on the trees as well..! Eeeeeck!
The plan was to actually take a picture and post it here but,
a)The security guards were looking at me funny and I wanted a shot from where they were standing. (Also, I wasn’t to sure how I would have taken the outside view as well.)
b)I didn’t have a professional camera that would justify me taking a photo (Refer to point ‘a’ Making me look all professional and working for a media house kinder thing.)
c)I do not in any slightest way possible look like a tourist.
d)Last I checked.. I am not white either. (and yes, refer to point ‘c’ as well)
However, the view is spectacular! It gives you all the feels… I mean, all the nice Jingle bells.. Mary did you know… The first Noel… Oh come Emmanuel.. Christmas feels at that particular time. All it needs now is its own cloud that makes it snow only at the Junction…
2. Adele’s new song, ‘Hello.’

 Weeeeeh! I can’t okay… This song is so beautiful and I feel like she takes us on a journey with her in this song.
Yup.. A combination of shivers and goose pimples is what this song gives me. Honestly, I thought I was emotionally stable but yoooh!
I wasn’t ready…
Also, for the record, guys have already began creating related memes and videos related to this song…like this one here.

There are Better Ways to Say Things

I know I am late with this review… burum…
Here it is!
When I went to journalism school there are some principles that kept being repeated, highlighted in practically every unit and they seem to intertwine with each other. In fact, Principles of Journalism was a unit on its own in first year.
Right… so let us discuss the elephant in the room which was the title to the article that made me question peoples intentions and professionalism.
It had me like, what happened to principles and professionalism?
Here is the article. Please read it for those who have not already read it.

When you are done, come back here we discuss. Continue reading


Hi guys✋,
In the past couple of months, I have been challenged… (by a couple of people who are close to me)Up until the point I feel as though I have grown an inch taller 😀
Well, a girl can dream okay… 😝
Hoping to share them in the next taking stock deux(2).
Onto other matters,
Recently I have been obsessed with the ‘Pinterest’ app and while I was pinning, I came across an image that had pointers in an area I very much stand for.
‘The Art of Being Considerate.’

Let us first define the term. Continue reading

Taking Joy in the Today… In the Now

About two years ago, I lost two relatives. A cousin and my dear dear umau (grandfather) and that was when my bro and I had this realization, death comes like a thief. We don’t expect it neither are we ever prepared for it. This year, I lost two of my primary school mates and it caught me by surprise. All that remains with us is fond memories of the time they were here on earth.
~May their Souls Continue to Rest in Eternal Peace.

Allow me to share my devotion, Continue reading