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The Rooster aka ‘Jogoo’

The funniest thing happened the other day and just thought that it would make a great post. Well, at least in my head.

As I was walking with my mother to the stage, a mother hen and her chicks drew our attention. Later, we spotted the rooster coming from no where as a car drove by the hen and her young ones. It quickly ran towards them and puffed up, made a few noises in a way to shield them of the sought. rooster

The same thing happened when a dog passed by as well. Trying to act all macho and hinder anyone and anything to come close to his pips.
To put it into perspective, this scenario made me look into the role of a man in Marriage: Continue reading “The Rooster aka ‘Jogoo’”

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Ever Wondered why?

About a couple of months ago when my brother and I had come from the airport quite early in the morning, on our way back home, he tried to switch on to lanes that “seemed” to be moving only to witness the lane that he was in before, moved more than the lane that we had got in. So, he said this is all Murphy’s law taking to effect… and I’m like what the Shmeurr?? and he later broke it down for me, did my research and voila! I have me a post! teeheeheehee…. Be prepared to get schooled ladies and gents. traffic

I always used to wonder, (well, still do):

Why is it when your waiting for a specific number of a ‘matatu’/ bus you never get it? and when you do it takes forever but then, when you don’t need it and your waiting for another one to come for a totally different root the ones you initially wait for are all there touting for guys..?? Continue reading “Ever Wondered why?”

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A la toilet

For the following messages names shall not be mentioned for discreet purposes. I do apologise for bursting your bubbles, but do enjoy, and pre pare to visualise the story as it unravels.

 My short story is as follows:
About a month ago I had just come from a concert that ended at around 8pm. So after the meet and greet, my friend offered to drop my friend and I and also a couple of his friends as well. Before he dropped my pal and I home finally, we stopped off at Nakumatt Presitge Plaza. When we arrived my “big brother” wanted to order some food for us but, I had my mind set on another pressing agenda which was a la toilet. (hahaha get it.. pressing 😀 I know right! French just has its way of making everything sound right) Continue reading “A la toilet”

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If you have been a follower of my blog, I bet you know how I am going to start now don’t you? Ooh, and I don’t think I have expressed my uttermost gratitude for sticking with me thus far. This also includes the new folk… Karibu! 🙂 and thank you all! My heart and my whole body is warmed by this. Like you have no idea how thinking about you guys has kept me from even getting that cold that has your nose running a freaking marathon. Phew! Haha yup, but seriously, I am grateful 🙂
Cockroaches are such, I don’t know… well, are just such… ummm how am I going to say this without having to be rude…… “YUCKY! Insects” aaai?!? I am not quite sure what was going through God’s mind when he was making them…(he is God!) but, heh! they way they look is just reason enough for me to get so scared that I could, I don’t know, mount myself on the ceiling for all I care. Waaar! Eti and then they want to fly for me over here Ghaaaaaathoo!! #mylifeatthatmomentisover
Anyway¸ back to the topic, Continue reading “WAIT, HUWHART JUST HAPPENED…? O.o”

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The Chase

[waring, the following content is based on a true life story… and may contain soap opera tendancies. It may not be word for word.. but, the story is real! hehe viewer/ readers enjoy 🙂 ]

One Saturday morning in the year 2000, mother woke me up at around 9am to hurry up, take a shower, eat breakfast and go to the salon to get my hair fixed in preparation to head back to school the following week. In short, the whole ‘Da-brat’ look I bore for the holiday had to go.

Now blow dry has never been the most exciting part of the salon for me but, sitting in a steamer is just the ‘iiish..!!’ yup… yup… whoopsy! as I digress 😀 Continue reading “The Chase”

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And the million dollar question ran through the back of my mind. “Could you be the one??”
Haha! I kid! Catchy phrase though right? Right? Yeah I know… I love you too 😉
Anyway, so I have a secret to share and promise me that you will not laugh and that you will accept me just as I am. Well, here goes…!
Just the other day I was telling my brother how I think I was secretly meant to marry an Asian guy… (Yup! There it is… I have said it) what?! No, like I am serious! Just here me out okay, Continue reading “SSSHHHH….!! Its a SECRET”

USED:( … nyeeef!!! … – HAPPINESS:)

Have you ever at some point in your life felt like a piece of bubble gum that has been chewed the whole day, and having lost its initial sweetness? or even worse, some toilet paper that is once all soft, smooth, white.. to dignify that its pure in some way? then all over sudden.. WHAM! WIPE! PANGUZA! SCRUB! [Ooh.. I know you do.. huh? huh? some of you.. don’t give me that look now 😉 ]Eeeewww!! I know right? Sorry to get your mind thinking in that direction… 😀 but, these are all but metaphors describing one thing. The whole aspect of  having a purpose/meaning at one point.. and then… Alas! your not so important as you were before :/ Gerrit? Continue reading “USED:( … nyeeef!!! … – HAPPINESS:)”