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Farmer’s Choice

Friend’s, what did you do over the holidays? Travel? Visit the folks? Spend time with the folks? Mall tourism? Give, receive and unwrap gifts? Go to church? Give back to society? Indulge in all kinds of sugary and fatty goodness? Nice.. Good job..👍 Because heck! What are the holidays for?

So now, ask me what I was doing over the holiday? Ask me..Just as me.. Please just ask me.. I promise I will not shout.

“Muthoni, what were you doing over the Holiday’s?

Thanks Jane. Thank you for asking. I’ll tell you what I was doing over the holidays.

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Taking Stock Quatre (4)

Picture this, you are late, the room that you are getting into is full with people… So you try as much you can to get in and sit as fast as you can quietly trying not to cause any kind of commotion at all.

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Fruit Tea Goodness

I woke today craving fruit tea. Thing about this is, I did not have the fruit teas themselves😂.
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Sentimental Value

Hi my name is Muthoni and I have a slight hoarding problem.Was I using, ‘Sentimental Value’as click bait? Maybe 😀 but you will see why I used this title further down.

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Do you guys remember in class 8, because of the national exam that takes place later at the end of the year, TA’s would insist that your handwriting should look a certain way? Remember? The box kind.. the type that looked like you had to use a protractor to calculate the right angle of your letters? Remember that?

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Amour T’es La?

Just one of those ordinary days in the office, I decided to listen to Snarky Puppy Volume 1 on You Tube and came across this song that I am about to share because ndaaah! I am just that girl 🙂 Continue reading “Amour T’es La?”

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‘Entertainment Industry’

Recently, I went back to school for a short management course in town.
So as per usual, the first week is mainly orientation right? Where the lecturer shows up and tells a tidbit of who they are and what they’ll lecture. Then the students also introduce themselves to the class.


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