What!?! I just might bite your finger off!


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The Lab Guy

Hallo… Hallo…
Hollup, did my account just get HACKED!????
Oooh imma get that so called Theador dude!
He is going to have it so bad!!
Anyways, onto pressing matters…(all the puns intended here)
While I was at the doctors office today a random thought came to my mind… Well, it came to me after I had to do a poop and pee test.(I know, it sounds way better when you say them like that right?)


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Taking Stock, (3) Tall Dark and Handsome Edition

Wallapa watunguyaz!
My name is Theador and yes… Grace,
HAcked Continue reading

Dear Mr. Man,

Well yes,
I must admit that I am a romantic and occasionally watch telenovelas… So what? Sue me😝
I came across these pictures on a friends time line on FB and cannot seem to trace who 0r where they are from but thought that they were totally adorbs.
So here you go,

My dear Mr. Man,
I would like for us to:
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Shukisha..! Aaaai? Haushukishi..?

Early Sunday morning, I frantically rushed to make it in time for Bible Study.(But alas! My efforts where not futile though.. #sigh)
as the matatu (mini bus) approached the stage I asked the conductor to shukisha (drop me off) me at the stage. However, while I was walking towards the door, the conductor dropped someone else hurriedly and the driver drove off. I was so confused. Continue reading

I judged, but it was a Worth While Semester

Tell me, which lecturer have you heard wears Jordans to class?
Ladies and gentlemen, my lecturer did put on Jordans… That’s right folks!
I remember when we were registering for third year, second semester’s units,(way back in the day… hahaha who am I kidding? Okay, it was 4 years ago) form fillingI saw Political Economy of the media and Media Democracy and thought,

“Oooh yeah… this is going to be a really long semester with these two political/historical kind of units.. Damn it! I already had my fair share of Media Law 1 &2  in the last two semesters and now this??! Oooh boyyyy…” Continue reading