Amour T’es La?

Just one of those ordinary days in the office, I decided to listen to Snarky Puppy Volume 1 on You Tube and came across this song that I am about to share because ndaaah! I am just that girl 🙂 Continue reading


When the lights go off….

If you have been reading my blog for a while now… Two posts back you would know that I like to listen to radio or music while carrying on with my chores. (You know, I probably have Luyha origin and huko my parents are thinking of ways to break it down to me… No need to worry mum and dad… I already know.. Its coming clear to me now more than ever.)
While listening to the radio a couple of days back, there was an announcement about how some areas will have power black outs due to the fact that they have to service the power lines and just like that, this announcement took me back guys… Like it took me way back.
I went to an all girls school in form one (I was 14 years old) and we experienced quite a number of black outs particularly when it rained heavily, during the weekends and during night prep. Hmm, come to think about it, it could have been a smart student who discovered where the main switch was and was like,
“I have had a long day… also, I have finished my assignment and I need to sleep… So,(insert cussing here) forget preps!”
Well, at least that is how it played out in my head. Or, the school just didn’t pay their bills on time… One of those. Continue reading

32 more Random facts

It seems as though these random facts are intriguing you people.. hmm
Ama (or) you guys just wanna know more about your girl.. it’s Alright 🙂
So here are some more.


19. Everytime when I am on social media and I see the like has exceeded up to a number that ends with ‘9’ I will quickly go ahead and like or double tap it just to round it off.
Honestly I feel like a champ afterwards😎.

20. I prefer ice cream to chocolates or sweets🍧.

21. I may just know all the old school kapuka songs word for word and the artist that sang which song..
What? 🙈🙊

22. When I was younger I had an imaginary car that made long distances seem shorter in my head.
Am riding on my…🚗 Continue reading

Taking Joy in the Today… In the Now

About two years ago, I lost two relatives. A cousin and my dear dear umau (grandfather) and that was when my bro and I had this realization, death comes like a thief. We don’t expect it neither are we ever prepared for it. This year, I lost two of my primary school mates and it caught me by surprise. All that remains with us is fond memories of the time they were here on earth.
~May their Souls Continue to Rest in Eternal Peace.

Allow me to share my devotion, Continue reading