18 Random Facts About Me

Hello there,
My name is Muthoni and the following are 18 random facts about me.
Also, yeah 18 not 20… lol

First and foremost, I am a believer and love Jesus.

Onto the random ones😄

1. While rinsing dishes I always check if they are able to squeak and if not, I wash them again, rinse and when they do squeak  they own their place on the dish rack.
Okay… let the OCD comments start, now..😋

2. I don’t keep grudges. Yeah…☺

3. I always defend people that I hold dear.
You just try and do something to my peeps and they come telling me… Hmm! 👀 💪

4. I am  an introvert that has extrovert tendencies.
For real though! Like, I thoroughly enjoy my own company and crowds tend to give me heebeejeebees🙈 Continue reading