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Taking Stock Cinq (5)

Now that I have your attention. As per the title, you already know what time iris.(I’m sure some of you read that as, ‘eye-ris’ hahaha I was trying to weng, ‘it is’ but issswharevs.)

Anyways, here goes 🙂 Continue reading “Taking Stock Cinq (5)”

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Hi guys✋,
In the past couple of months, I have been challenged… (by a couple of people who are close to me)Up until the point I feel as though I have grown an inch taller 😀
Well, a girl can dream okay… 😝
Hoping to share them in the next taking stock deux(2).
Onto other matters,
Recently I have been obsessed with the ‘Pinterest’ app and while I was pinning, I came across an image that had pointers in an area I very much stand for.
‘The Art of Being Considerate.’

Let us first define the term. Continue reading “Consideration”