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Taking Stock Cinq (5)

Now that I have your attention. As per the title, you already know what time iris.(I’m sure some of you read that as, ‘eye-ris’ hahaha I was trying to weng, ‘it is’ but issswharevs.)

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Sentimental Value

Hi my name is Muthoni and I have a slight hoarding problem.Was I using, ‘Sentimental Value’as click bait? Maybe 😀 but you will see why I used this title further down.

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Taking Stock une (1)

Hello there flowers,
It about that time… tenenenenen!!!
lol, I kid.
But in all seriousness, in the past couple of days (well, and about a year ago) I have seen that some of my favourite bloggers, ThisisEssWhispery Wind and Kaluhi’s Kitchen , use a template that enables one to take stock of where they are at. Also I generally like the concept as well. Being a new month and all 🙌

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