Hello there✋,
My name is Muthoni Grace and I like flowers.
Hahaha now that we know each other, we can proceed… 😀
‘Tharisit’ is a name that came to me during a time where I needed a platform to stuff that I come across, life experiences and stories that I believe in one way or another will have an effect on those that come across them.
Then it hit me,
“I should start a blog! Tharisit!” (That-is-it)
And there friends was how the name was birthed. We are now 3 years old 🙆🙌;
Here in this blog, not only will I be sharing my stories, but also a tad bit of my interests and passions as well.

Speaking of which:
1. I really appreciate the arts. This includes:
Written literature, selective Video content, Music, Drama, Photography and Culinary art.
2. I enjoy:
writing, singing, dancing, acting, cooking, learning, reading, colouring, talking to strangers.. (what? 😀 well, those with pure intentions at least), sharing/giving, new places, non-routine schedules, genuine people, cats 🙂 , road trips, potatoes, ice cream and dark chocolate.
3. My inspiration comes from:
Daily life encounters, Experiences, YouTube content creators, the future, nature and creative’s in all sphere’s this life has to offer.
Yaaaaaa 🙂

feel free to comment, like and share 🙂
THANK YOU/ ASANDA/ ASANTE/ MERCI BEACOUP/ NI DA KENA MUNO for taking time to read my blog my flowers 🌸🌼🌺;




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