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I am 22 [22 ans]

First of I know that my birthday is in another 9 months… Jeeez! But, for some reason, when I realised my age a couple of days back, I was like… “Yooooh! wai-ra-minute??” and suddendly, boom! This post was birthed 🙂
Guys, like this 22 bug has caught me to the point where I even changed my Facebook name…
From: Grace Flingli Shang’zabi
to: Muthoni Grace
Wait.., is that me becoming old…? Jive!
Anyways, I am done ranting hehehe. Also for the record, nimejiaccept 🙂 *thumbs up for #HighSelfesteem and #Acceptance!*


Haiya…… Its somehow just hit me.. I am 22. O_o  okay.. okay.. Its not like a bad thing but, yaar…. I am 22 🙂 22… wasn’t I like 21..20…19… wait, like being 13 in class 8? weeh… time sure does fly… Growth has been felt throughout each year.. physical (wait, I think I stopped growing 😀 ) mentally and spiritually… I am not the same.. I thank God. It has not been easy.. Family, friends… friends… friends… (well you know what I mean..) School… name it. I count it all joy! Naming those blessings, one by one. Gifts, talents, abilities. God, Family, loved ones. I am not the same. My brain is still crazy.. but its my kinder crazy… Its special. Its who I am created to be.. Fearfully and wonderfully made. Grace 🙂 I am just not the same. To serve, to dream, to learn, to laugh, to cry, to go to the toilet (well, it is important right?), to share, to care, to love, to grow, to give, to discover, to work and many others are just but a few that make up this thing called life. Sometimes I wish someone told me to enjoy being a child and not to take things seriously and now I am all grown! Chiudren, (children) things are a bit serious in this world called Earth Yeah.. but in the mean time, Henjoy thine youth! wisely. (PS, as I tell you, I am telling myself as well) I am 22. That means, A God to serve,  more responsibilities, bills to pay, dreams to chase, people to love, Jobs applications to be sent, trying to make the world a better place etc… Just trying to ran that extra mile, making time for things that matter and what was lost. Loving more, hating less, laughing more, sulking less, working harder and wiser, forming deeper relationships and guarding my heart in the process, writing more and talking less, listening more and talking less. I am just not the same. But I am grateful for the lady I have become thus far, my talents and abilities, strengths and weaknesses, the good, the bad, the ugly, my beauty and flaws. All of them make me who I am. As I continue this journey, help me God.

Also, do take me serious when I point at you with my tiny falenges aka fingers… thanks! 😀

Have a wonderful time flowers! 🙂



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