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Le Bonbon

One day as I was enroute, there was this ‘scenario’ well, some kind of situation so to say.
Standing right at the bus stop was a tall, well fed man that seemed quite taken by the activities of the pin-pop (lollipop) that he had in his mouth and a girl of about 7 years stood next to him looked at him in envy… no wait… at the lollipop that he took with no apologies.

Girl, don’t judge him…
Also he just wanted to enjoy the pin-pop and remember his childhood.
Guy, imagine ungetry (you should have tried) to keep it on the down low for the sake of the girl who was right there coveting… ama (or)? For something that seemed to be rightfully hers.
but you know what, you do you 😀

But, hey! who said pin-pops (lollipops) should not be enjoyed by old folk 😀
Have a lovely day in the world flowers 🙂



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